Shariah Thought Police Ban Secret Passwords for All Wives


It’s a violation of Islamic law – Shariah law – for a wife to have a password or a secret her husband doesn’t know about according to the preacher at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, MEMRI reports.

Shariah law is based on theocratic Islamic principles but it’s a political system that deprives women of all rights. Islamic law is infiltrating our courts and we’ve had to pass laws to stop them. Unfortunately, terror-connected Muslim groups stall the laws in court.

If we get Shariah law, we will get the following.

The preacher, a Palestinian cleric, declared that a woman can’t have a laptop, Internet, social media account that her husband can’t check at any moment in time.

“In marital relations, the wife must not keep any secrets from her husband,” the preacher stated. “If the wife has a cell phone and she uses a password, but refuses to give her husband the password, this constitutes a violation of Islamic law. This is prohibited. A woman is not allowed to block her cell phone from her husband.”

“If, for example, she has a Facebook account with a password, but her husband does not know the password, this constitutes a violation of Islamic law, because her husband must be able to check her Internet account at any time. That is his right! He is entitled to demand this,” Al-Maghrabi said.

“Under no circumstances whatsoever may a woman have a cell phone, a laptop, or any kind of Internet account, which is locked with a password that is unknown to her husband. This would constitute a violation of Islamic law regarding marital relations,” he continued.

It’s unclear what the punishment might be for a wife who violates the law. Beatings? Would hanging be too much?


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6 years ago

Our second amendment rights will be in full swing to protect our sons and daughters from shariah “honor killings”