Sharpton Says Trump’s Former Attorney Met Him to Send a Message


Socialist, race-baiter Al Sharpton showed up on MSNBC to discuss his Friday morning meeting with Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney.

Sharpton said Cohen was very troubled and felt he was “cast wrongly” in the media. He felt he was “abandoned by Trump” and he — Cohen — would do the “right thing” for the country and his family. Cohen also criticized Trump’s criticisms of the press.

This conversation touched on the two-minute recording between Michael Cohen and Donald Trump about the Playmate who claimed she had an affair with Trump years ago, which is no one’s business.

The Washington Post reported that Cohen suggested purchasing the rights to McDougal’s story from AMI, the parent company of the National Enquirer. AMI paid McDougal $150,000 in August 2016 for her story.

The Post wrote Trump is mostly silent in the recording. At one point he asked Cohen how the payment would be made.

Cohen is working with Mueller of late. Is Cohen catering to him?

Trump blasted Cohen in a tweet Saturday morning.

Cohen tweeted on Friday, acknowledging the meeting.

Cohen has also tweeted out support for the press and the DoJ/FBI in recent days.

Guess Cohen doesn’t want the FBI raiding him again or the media giving him bad press. However, after taping client Donald Trump without his knowledge, he’s finished. Who would hire him? He can always write a book for a ten million dollar advance.

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