Sharyl Attkisson Releases A Video of Computer Hacking to a Dissmissive Politico


Sharyl Attkisson has released cellphone video to Politico of what she says is someone hacking her computer and deleting words outside of her control.

Attkisson has accused the government of hacking her computer and planting secret government documents that might later have been used to frame her or her sources.

The video was released to left-wing Politico.

The Politico article was a dismissive and omitted key information.

“There is no way to confirm from the video alone that a hack is actually taking place, and there’s reason to doubt that Attkisson was hacked at all,” Politico reported.

In her book Stonewalled, Attkisson says that a government agency hacked her computer. There is good reason to believe her and every reason to distrust this administration. She is a highly reputable investigative reporter who was held in high regard by her employer CBS News until she started investigating the Obama administration.

Attkisson said that her TVs and phone were also tampered with. Someone she knows found a “stray cable” attached to her FiOS box, which can be used to download data.

Dylan Byers, the Politico reporter who posted the video said that Vox’ Timothy Lee claims her so-called “evidence” could be nothing more than the glitches anyone suffers.

Have you ever lost control of your computer and watched it methodically delete words?

In her new memoir, Attkisson says that a government entity hacked into her computer, logged keystrokes, accessed e-mails and captured passwords for applications including her personal financial accounts. The program also allegedly was able to initiate her Skype account and collect audio.

An expert – connected to a government bureau – who agreed to check Attkisson’s laptop for spyware said that it was hacked by a sophisticated government entity which used a commercial, nonattributable spyware that’s proprietary to a government agency: either the CIA, FBI, the Defense Intelligence Agency or the National Security Agency.”

“This is outrageous,” Attkisson quotes her source as saying. “Worse than anything Nixon ever did. I wouldn’t have believed something like this could happen in the United States of America,” National Review Online reported.

Attkisson said that secret government documents were planted deep inside her computer. She believes either she or one of her sources was going to be framed by the government.

None of that was mentioned in the Politico article.

The email that contained the spyware was sent in February 2012 in what seemed to be an innocuous email and it immediately followed a story she wrote about Fast & Furious. It was during her investigation of Benghazi.

Byers called Attkisson’s coverage of Benghazi an “obsession”. It was unclear if those were his words or if he was quoting CBS, her former employer.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be an “obsession” if the government would stop lying about it and give Congress the information they are asking for. The government has been stonewalling since day one.


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