Shep Smith Argues President Trump Must Do As Speaker Pelosi Says


Fox News’s Trump-hating Shep Smith discussed the shutdown with Chris Wallace on his show Friday. Shep can’t be for the wall if President Trump is for it, and he isn’t.

Shep put the entire blame for the shutdown on the President as his visceral hatred reared its ugly head. When Chris said, “It takes two to tango,” Shep said, “There’s no tango here.” What he means by that, judging from his other comments, is the House and Nancy Pelosi have all the cards, Trump has none.

The angry anchor made it clear the House Democrats have all the say. He appears to believe that because Democrats campaigned for no wall the last election, Trump needs to do as they say and open the government for nothing in return.

Fortunately, Chris said it wasn’t true and Trump was elected too [so was the Senate]. As he noted, Democrats control only one chamber of Congress, and to speak practically, a bill needs to pass the Republican Senate and Trump has to sign it.

Nancy Pelosi suggested upon her confirmation as Speaker that she is equal to the President. She sees the House as all-powerful, which is the opposite of how Democrats saw the House when Republicans held it.

It’s infuriating and Shep is insufferable.

As a side note, in case you’re wondering what Nancy wants to do with the House, she put Socialists in charge of the House Financial Services Committee, the one that controls much of capitalism.

Watch Shep, the angry leftist:

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