Shep Smith Goes Off the Rails Because NBC Is Giving Trump Airtime


angry Shep

Fox News’ undercover liberal Shep Smith went off the rails Tuesday because NBC welcomed Trump back. He’s going to host Saturday Night Live on November 7th.

Sarcastically, he said, “NBC and everything Comcast did not want to be associated with Donald Trump left all the money on the table, no more! No more! We’ll have a fight about the ‘Miss America Contest!’ No more Trump on NBC! It’s what he said! So what’s he doing? He’s going back to NBC! Good job! Nice job, NBC.”

“You made a stand! You stood for your values! You did what you must! Forget the money! No more Trump! Except — more Trump,” he railed.

“You did a great job! We’re all proud of you, NBC. We’ll be watching.” He smirked as he spoke.

Who cares Shep? No one cares what you think.

The new Fox News poll came out and Carson’s moving up. Ted Cruz is in third and Carly has fallen back to sixth place. Trump is still in the lead and Shep can’t understand why NBC is putting him on the air, never mind that he’s a ratings draw, unlike Shep.




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7 years ago

Oh Shep, did you forget to take your meds? Relax.

GO TRUMP 2016!

Carol Papin
Carol Papin
7 years ago

It would be nice for individuals on TV to report FACTS…who are you to make sarcastic remarks & why do you think others care about your opinions? Just another side of the issue for you to think about Mr. Smith.

7 years ago

Shep I wasn’t crazy about you before your frenzy and now I like you much less. You should not be showing your vitriol.

All I can say is GO TRUMP GO!!!!!!!

Jan Williams
Jan Williams
7 years ago
Reply to  Wanda

And Trump believes in “Eminent Domain” for personal gain !!!

Trump’s support for Kelo v. City of New London reveals his fundamentally unconstitutional support for eminent domain abuse.

Ted Cruz 2016 !!…/donald-trump-trashes-the……/donald-trumps-ab……/donald-trump-and-eminent-...…/what-property-owners-must……/editorial-trumps-defense…

There is NO way even a moderate conservative could condone this.

Ted Cruz 2016 !! Ted Cruz 2016 !! Ted Cruz 2016 !!