Shep Smith Insults Viewer Who Notices He’s Reporting Fake News


Shep Smith wants you to believe that there are no gang members or criminals in the caravan mob and all the marchers are good people. While we don’t doubt that there are many good people in the mob, we also know for certain there are bad hombres as well. The DHS and government officials in Central America have verified that.

Shep Smith has lost it or maybe he never had an ounce of common sense.

He read a tweet from a viewer who basically said there are criminals in the caravan and people aren’t falling for his ‘fake news’. “POTUS has intel”, the person added.

Shep responded, “No he doesn’t, Potus has politics”. Then he said POTUS told us just the other day, “they’re running on Kavanaugh and caravan.”

It’s amazing that he gets away with this garbage on Fox News.

Judicial Watch confirmed the band hombre reports as well. Apparently, Shep doesn’t get any of the memos.

“Extremely Organized” Caravan of Angry Men Yell “We’re Coming Trump”

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