Shep Smith Thinks Commie De Blasio Is Doing a Great Job


Fox News host Shepherd Smith loves the job Communist Mayor Bill De Blasio is doing in New York City. De Blasio, who likes to call himself a Progressive or a liberal, recently put forward his plans for free health care to include illegals, centralized retirements for those who don’t have any, the seizure of buildings from owners he finds unworthy, and much more.

The Mayor will soon travel the country to spread his hardcore leftist values, and he will visit Iowa. He would love to be president.

The Mayor has already eased enforcement of laws, such as ‘minor’ crimes like urinating or worse in the street or breaking unlawfully into someone’s home.

The city isn’t safe and officials monkey around with crime states. It’s easy when you make crimes into non-crimes.

On Fox News channel’s Outnumbered, the panel harshly criticized the Mayor and his burgeoning leftist city.


Shep Smith’s anti-Trump show comes on after and this is what he said Friday as he ended a segment on the government shutdown: “City crime rates, violent crime rates are the lowest they’ve ever been. The violent crime rate is the lowest of any major city in America. Streets are clean. Things are good.”

Living in New York, I can say the homelessness, petty crimes, and the filth are worse than under Mayor Bloomberg. As for violent crime, if it’s true, it’s because the NYPD is outstanding.

He added it as a non sequitur before heading to a commercial break. Shep was taking a swipe at his Outnumbered colleagues and complimenting a Communist. He was contrasting alleged shutdown failure with successful communism.

Now you know for sure what Shep Smith is all about.


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