Shep Smith Trashed Trump Today But Shep Once Drove His Car Into a Woman


Pathetic Fox News host Shepherd Smith said Wednesday that President Trump looks “to turn back the global clock back centuries”, end the world order in a way “no President has”, Trump “berated” our friends Shep whined, and called Germany a “captive of Russia”.

Shep melted down on air.

After a hyperbolic introduction, he talked about what NATO has meant — that’s when men were men — and he went into a non sequitur about German doctors treating our soldiers so well. He also included a bit about how Germany is always there fighting alongside us, but…uh…no…during the last Syrian assault, Germany said they’d help but would send no one to fight. [Our guess is they didn’t want to upset Russia]

The President called for the deadbeat snobs in the EU to pay their fair share. He called Germany a “captive of Russia” which of course they are thanks to Angela Merkel. Germany gets 60% to 70% of their gas/energy from Russia and they just went into an agreement with Russia to share a direct pipeline.

In other words, we have sanctions against Russia which Merkel makes useless by sending Putin truckloads of cash for his natural gas. It’s not only counter-productive, it’s enslaving for her countrymen. She’s in collusion with Russia.

Does anyone really believe Merkel would take on anything that would upset Russia?

Here’s Shep:


In 1993 Shepard Smith divorced his wife of six years, Virginia Donald, his college sweetheart, and moved to Miami. The couple did not have any children. The divorce records from the state of Florida were sealed, but basically, he’s gay.

He became a Fox News anchor but made a real name for himself when he willfully ran his car into another reporter in an act of road rage in November 2000.

While covering the Bush-Gore situation in Florida, Capitol Police arrested sexist David Shepard Smith, one of the hundreds of journalists who were in town to cover the election drama, after police said Smith struck another reporter with his car during an argument over a parking space.

The reporter he ran into was Maureen Walsh of Tallahassee, a freelance journalist for Bay News 9. She said he deliberately hit her and then stomped past her.

“He shouted some profanities at her and basically just struck her, striking her at the knees, which threw her up on the car,” said Sgt. Edwin Maxwell.

By the day’s end, Walsh was released from Tallahassee Memorial Hospital with bruises on her knees and legs, police said. Smith, 36, was charged with aggravated battery with a motor vehicle, a felony, and was released on $10,000 bail from the Leon County Jail.

The attack was buried and Smith suffered no consequences after the victim “settled”.

Shep’s mug shot
He’s a sexist and a harasser.

In 2011, shortly after Giovanni Graziano joined Fox News as a production assistant, the 50+-year-old Shepard Smith became romantically involved with his then-24-year-old direct subordinate.

It was tabloid fodder at the time.

In 2013, Smith physically assaulted a waitress named Katya Minskova. This was also covered in tabloid publications.

“He got up from his table, grabbed my elbow, and started yelling,” the waitress, a 30-year-old woman named Katya Minskova, told Gawker. Smith continued berating her: “Where the f—k is my drink! Where is my f—king drink! Get my f—king drink!”

Smith announced his homosexuality in 2016. He also came out of the closet with his leftist views. He went on an anti-Trump crusade that continues to this day.

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