Shep Smith’s Fake News Report Says It’s All Over for the White House


As you probably heard, Judge Emmet Sullivan lost a piece of his mind Tuesday during Ret. General Flynn’s sentencing hearing. He had a lot of misinformation and accused the general of treason and selling out his country. After he was corrected, he [sort of] apologized, but he made it clear he might incarcerate the general. Then he travel-banned him as if he were a flight risk.

Shep Smith told half-truths and took joy in condemning the retired general and the White House. He’s evil.

“Instead of giving him a sentence of little or no jail time as agreed to by the prosecutors and the defense, the judge looked at the big picture and spoke directly to Michael Flynn, saying, ‘All along, you were an unregistered agent of a foreign country while serving as the national security adviser to the president of the United States,” far-left Shepherd Smith said.

“The judge said he could not hide his disgust and disdain for Michael Flynn’s crimes. The judge also questioning Flynn and his lawyer about their memo last week that suggested FBI agents might have tricked the former national security adviser when they didn’t tell him lying to the FBI is a crime,” said the Fox News dingaling.



His reporting is very bogus. The judge didn’t have the correct information when he made his outrageous comments.

Nothing blew up as Shep says in the clip. Flynn did give false statements, but the facts are still the facts regardless of what one crazy judge says.

The fact is the Feds created a crime where there was none, and they did it while denying the general his civil rights. The director admitted he took advantage of the administration’s inexperience. Read all about it on this link.

Also factual is that the judge plans to sentence Flynn for crimes that were not before the court. For example, The Logan Act and the lobbying for Turkey were not before the court. While Flynn appears to have lied to the Vice President, that was not what the Judge was supposed to be taking into consideration.



  1. Shep the Liberal is damaging FNC’s credibility. I personally no longer watch them for news. Just for commentary. I don’t know why Fox doesn’t dump him. Why compete with CNN for the FAKE NEWS crown?

  2. I wonder what the Judge and the Mueller Team discussed during that break in the trial. Seems that the Mueller Team did not do what the judge had directed and that is provide the judge with all documents pertaining to the Michael Flynn case. Especially by accusing him of Treason, indicated that his pre-trial information from the prosecutor was not complete!

  3. I don’t watch the pillow biter anymore. It is supposed to be a news program, not entertainment like Hannity. In a news program, you don’t insert your opinion.

  4. Judge Sullivan had an undeserved reputation for integrity. As did Comey and Mueller when they first appeared in this drama.
    Sullivan is a black Democrat who was appointed by Bill Clinton. He presided over Republican Senator Ted Stevens trial. He refused to grant a mistrial though there was plenty of evidence of the state hiding evidence, Stephens was found guilty a few days and a few days later narrowly lost his bids for reelection.
    After the election a sentencing hearing was held. The State, conceding the obvious fact that exculpatory evidence had been withheld, asked the judgment be vacated. Sullivan did so and acted outraged at the prosecutors but nothing much was done to them. On that performance of outrage after participating in the railroading, Sullivan got the reputation of being a fair guy.

  5. What do you expect from a far-left moron placed on the bench by Clinton. He is a mouthpiece for the Commiecrats. In spite of the murmurings of CJ Roberts, judges are biased,especially those appointed by the Clinton’s.

  6. S.Noble…your comments about Judge Sullivan’s angry remarks are unfair. He had, for whatever reason, incorrect information, and based on that information it appeared Flynn did indeed work against his country. But once he had the correct information (that Flynn stopped working for Turkey PRIOR to becoming NSA) he quickly and appropriately apologized. Flynn had a clear duty and obligation to disclose his lobbying for Turkey to Trump before his appointment.

    Based on all the information in the public ether, Sullivan gave Flynn the opportunity to withdraw his guilty plea. That Flynn didn’t speaks volumes. Flynn took the plea to avoid Mueller’s threat to indict Flynn’s son and to avoid the exorbitant costs of a defense against Mueller.

    Putting aside all the charges and counter-charges, Mueller has nothing but a simple violation of registering as a lobbyist for a foreign entity. The FBI interview of Flynn was simply designed to create a perjury trap, evident since Mueller had the transcripts of Flynn’s perfectly legal conversations with the Russian Ambassador.

  7. So Shep never has spoken an ill-word about the lying, corrupt Dems . Please , someone link any disparaging comment or assessment of the libs. He needs to go to New Orleans and help Williams recover those bodies floating by his hotel on Bourbon Street.

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