Shep Smith’s Fake News Report Says It’s All Over for the White House


As you probably heard, Judge Emmet Sullivan lost a piece of his mind Tuesday during Ret. General Flynn’s sentencing hearing. He had a lot of misinformation and accused the general of treason and selling out his country. After he was corrected, he [sort of] apologized, but he made it clear he might incarcerate the general. Then he travel-banned him as if he were a flight risk.

Shep Smith told half-truths and took joy in condemning the retired general and the White House. He’s evil.

“Instead of giving him a sentence of little or no jail time as agreed to by the prosecutors and the defense, the judge looked at the big picture and spoke directly to Michael Flynn, saying, ‘All along, you were an unregistered agent of a foreign country while serving as the national security adviser to the president of the United States,” far-left Shepherd Smith said.

“The judge said he could not hide his disgust and disdain for Michael Flynn’s crimes. The judge also questioning Flynn and his lawyer about their memo last week that suggested FBI agents might have tricked the former national security adviser when they didn’t tell him lying to the FBI is a crime,” said the Fox News dingaling.


His reporting is very bogus. The judge didn’t have the correct information when he made his outrageous comments.

Nothing blew up as Shep says in the clip. Flynn did give false statements, but the facts are still the facts regardless of what one crazy judge says.

The fact is the Feds created a crime where there was none, and they did it while denying the general his civil rights. The director admitted he took advantage of the administration’s inexperience. Read all about it on this link.

Also factual is that the judge plans to sentence Flynn for crimes that were not before the court. For example, The Logan Act and the lobbying for Turkey were not before the court. While Flynn appears to have lied to the Vice President, that was not what the Judge was supposed to be taking into consideration.


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