Sheriff Clarke Discusses the “Scurrilous” Eric Holder


Milwaukee County WI Sheriff David Clarke was interviewed by Megyn Kelly December 2nd and what an interview it was.

He reacted to Eric Holder’s response to Ferguson. He said his claims were scurrilous insinuating the police indiscriminately shoot black males as if it were some kind of sport.

Sheriff Clarke said he’s abandoned his duty. He knows what justice is but he doesn’t want justice for police officers. Eric Holder, he said, “disgusted” me.

The president and Eric Holder are opening wounds. About Holder and Obama, he said they know words matter and they have to choose words carefully but these two men have taken sides and that is not healthy for the American people.

Sheriff Clarke said the people who are angry have to find more socially acceptable ways to express their frustration. They are really frustrated about poverty, no jobs and being forced to send their children to failing schools.

He called the White House meeting Kabuki theater.

He didn’t have kind words for Al Sharpton either.