Sheriff Clarke Has an Inspiring Message for Gun Rights Advocates


Sheriff Clarke

Listening to Sheriff David Clarke is a great relief from the gun grabbers who won’t stop until they disarm us. Take a break and listen to the Sheriff.

The following is paraphrased from the speech.

The right to arms is a “natural right”. Don’t be dissuaded by “smart” guns or “common sense” legislation. None of it will stop suicides and mass shootings. They [gun grabbers] are stuck on stupid.

Ben Franklin said we are all born ignorant and when he said that, he must have had these gun grabbing groups in mind, the Sheriff said.

He talked about slavery – government tyranny – and the fact that slaves could not arm themselves. It was only the 14th Amendment which applied the Second Amendment and saved the “freed” slaves from hangings and other abuses.

He will not accede his right to a Second Amendment and neither should you.

The Sheriff called the president “criminal friendly” and said he is the only president to tell rapists and murderers they are victims of a racist criminal justice system. “Has this guy lost his mind?”, Clarke asked.

The answer to that is “Yes!”

A story of a rape victim was worth hearing. The woman who suffered the horrific events found the police weren’t a 9-1-1 call away and she learned that the only people safe in a gun free zone are the criminals.

He urged people to arm themselves and learn the safe handling of guns.

Pressure the GOP congress to pass concealed carry reciprocity and join every gun organization to make it happen.

We didn’t send our reps to Congress to take our rights away, he added.

There should be consistent laws about concealed carry in every state. It’s insane not to. Demand legislative change now.

The Sheriff asked, “Can I count on you?”



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