Sheriff Clarke on the New Civil Rights Movement: “They Have to Scrape the Bottom of the Barrel to Find Icons”


Sheriff Clarke

Sheriff Clarke was on Fox & Friends this morning and true-to-form, he spoke with heartfelt honesty and courage. He’s bucking the liberals and he’s bucking the majority of blacks who follow them when he says the Ferguson civil rights movement is scraping “the bottom of the barrel for icons”.

By now, center right people know that Jonathan Capehart, a Washington Post reporter, has apologized for being wrong about “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”.

Capehart showed tremendous courage but says he is now being attacked online as an Uncle Tom for doing the right thing. That response to Capehart is just more of the ignorance and moral sickness running through our society.

The movements in Ferguson and on Wall Street are orchestrated and supported by anarchists, communists, socialists and they are corrupting the idealistic youth looking for a cause.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke discussed it with the Fox anchor on Monday.

Clarke called Capehart “courageous” and said “you don’t often use courage in the same sentence as liberal media”.

Again describing Capehart as a man of “courage and integrity”, he said he “restored some of the  character and integrity so lacking in the liberal media today.”

Speaking of courage and integrity, that describes Sheriff Clarke quite well.

Hollywood’s reaction to Hands Up, Don’t Shoot, was “they’re just followers…more interested in being hip, being cool…all theatrics” but “unfortunately they attract attention”

He had harsh words for the media “…and “when they propagate a lie, when early on we knew”, the “media then used it as a vehicle and became wholly-owned subsidiary of this cop-hating, anarchist movement.”

The Fox anchor asked Clarke about the protesters/rioters who say, “I’m doing the work of Martin Luther King in the ’60s.”

Clarke would have none of it and said without hesitation, “This is a desecration to the life, the philosophies, the beliefs of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. He didn’t preach any of this nonsense that’s going on today.”

“As a matter of fact, I believe that America has come a long way in the right direction and positively in civil rights that now they have to go out and get people who are involved in criminal behavior and hold them up as icons in the civil rights movement?”

“In other words, we have gone from people like Frederick Douglass, gone from Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Mike Brown who had just strong-armed a convenience store clerk before he met his fate at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson police department lawfully, reasonably, and justifiably by the way,” Clarke said.

“But you can see if they have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find icons for this movement, America has gotten better in terms of race relations.”

African-Americans who follow the Al Sharptons of the world don’t want white people telling them who their leaders should be, but when one sees people like Sheriff Clarke and Jonathan Capehart, then other people, white and black, should wonder why they aren’t the leaders. What is it in our society that gives the platform to hoodlums, anarchists, communists, and race baiters?


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