Sheriff Clarke or Revolutionary Communist Party, Which One Does Obama Support?



On Thursday, the president called FBI Director James Comey into the Oval Office to discuss his views. The White House declined to describe the conversation. Obama is probably moving past dog whistles and going to direct orders of the findings concerning Hillary Clinton or perhaps he needed to address Comey’s recent statements about police officers being afraid to do their jobs which is directly leading to a rise in the crime rate in major cities.

Judge Jeanine interviewed Sheriff Clarke on her show Saturday evening. The Sheriff is a kind of Superman of cops, fighting for justice and the American way and he was followed by a despicable America-hating revolutionary communist, Carl Dix.

Obama addressed a gathering of the International Association of Chiefs of Police last week and lied. “I reject any narrative that seeks to divide police and communities that they serve…I reject a storyline that says when it comes to public safety there’s an us and a them,” he said straight-faced.

Pirro asked the Sheriff, “How does a president who supports Al Sharpton and Black Lives Matter, who sent his Attorney General to investigate racism in Ferguson that even his own Justice Department couldn’t back up, say he’s on the side of the police?”

Sheriff Clarke responded as any normal person would, “You know, that he can stand up there before that group and do that with a straight face, knowing that he created this narrative that’s divided the community with the police and not do so with any shame is just quite incredible.”

Our president is not a normal person and he can get up and lie, not only lie, but spew the exact opposite of the truth.

Sheriff Clarke pointed out that “…we want to engage in self-initiated, assertive policing to help protect black people, the good, law-abiding black people that live in the American ghetto,” but officers are not going to do it without the protection of the political class. “It has to be guided by the rule of law instead of emotional rhetoric.”

That’s not how Obama rolls. He does not believe in the rule of law unless it serves his agenda. Emotion and relativity are key to all his decision making.

Carl Dix co-founded of the Revolutionary Communist Party with Bob Avakian, a paranoid nut who doesn’t come out in public because he thinks everyone is out to get him. Avakian led the Revolutionary Union decades ago and tried to take over the Students for a Democratic Society but he lost to Mark Rudd and Bill Ayers.

Avakian is a Maoist revolutionary and pseudo-Marxist who gets his power from the fact that the far-left revolutionaries are small groups of stragglers while his movement is a bit larger and has more organization. He’s an opportunist who plays off the left-wing politics and emotions of the liberal elite. He’s a shameless self-promoter who has his followers convinced he’s to be adored.

This group believes in a type of socialism/communism they have in China which is a bureaucratic state capitalism ruling over the masses and calling all the shots in the market with complete state ownership of a socialist economy.

Dix would not address the Rise Up October event with Judge Pirro, which was scheduled four days after the murder of Officer Randolph Holder, because there weren’t enough facts surrounding Holder’s death according to him.

You won’t hear Barack Obama talk against these people or the other hate groups that participated in Rise Up October like BlackLivesMatter and The Nation of Islam, but you will hear him come out against cops.

Watch the interviews:

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