Sheriff Clarke Would Die For This, Would You?


sheriff clarke

Sheriff Clarke is a great, all-American, patriot who understands the true meaning of the US Constitution and the importance of the 2nd Amendment. He is inspiring. During a criminal justice reform conference at CPAC, the Sheriff from Wisconsin schooled America on the meaning of the rule of law and what it would have meant to his ancestors.

“Now as it relates to the Second Amendment, it has special meaning to me, and here’s why,” Sheriff Clarke said. “As you know, when this country was formed, this Constitution didn’t apply to the slaves. But guess what, this Constitution allowed the brilliance of the founding fathers. This Constitution allowed for us to eventually get it right.”

“And we did with the 13th Amendment,”says Clarke, “that freed the slaves. But the 13th Amendment only freed the slaves on paper. And many of you may know it was the 14th Amendment equal protection clause that said this document applies to all citizens in the United States and that included newly freed slaves.”

The Milwaukee County Sheriff said, “My ancestors fought as well as the founding fathers for this document to apply to us. Let me tell you what Frederick Douglas said about the right of self-defense. Douglas strongly supported the right of fugitive slaves to have and use weapons to resist kidnapping. ‘When government fails to protect the just right of any individual man, that man rests on his original right of self defense, even if it means shooting down his pursuers.’”

“‘Slavery is a system of brute force. It must be met with its own weapons,’ the Sheriff said, ‘that freedom is worth fighting for. Slaves plus guns equal freedom. The abolition of slavery was inevitably due to the arming of blacks.’ Now if you think for one minute that I’m going to cede these rights back to the federal government or any government or any court, you’d better think again.”

He added, “Ladies and gentlemen I will fight for your rights under this document like it were my right and it is. And I will die fighting for this document. Thank you.”

How can you disagree with this.


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