Sheriff David Clarke Weighs In on the Hate Group Black Lives Matter


Sheriff Clarke

The DNC endorsed the BlackLivesMatter group with a resolution this past week. The leader of the national group, DeRay McKesson claims they’re meeting with Republicans. The group has promised to disrupt the GOP convention. They need to be ignored just as soon as someone gives them the appropriate hate group designation.

There is no room for this “garbage”, Clarke said and “you don’t have First Amendment protection to threaten peoples’ lives.” It needs to be “eradicated from American discourse.”

Hannity questioned Sheriff Clarke about some of the specific threats. The Sheriff said he is calling on Americans to counter protest and let their voices be heard wherever this group shows up.

There is “no leadership to get America out of this tailspin that is bad for America,” Clarke said.

In fact, Barack Obama and his pals like George Soros are the ones who fomented it and people wonder why voters are showing total disregard for conventional politicians when polled on which candidate they prefer to represent them in the presidential race.



  1. I completely agree! We were taught to respect our local police! The only people that have a problem with the police is someone who is breaking the law! Every case with police killings the police were called! My cousin is white he was killed by the police very sad but he broke the law! Stop killing the very people you call for help ! God bless ❤

  2. If there was a national “white lives matter “, the NAACP would demand it be shut down immediately. If you’ve broken the law, don’t run, and you won’t be hurt! Take responsibility for your actions.

    • Wanda tour so right the double standards in this country are very disturbing im tired of these idiots whi feel there entitled to what i hav3 because there ancestors 180 yrs ago were slaves i never owned one so why treat me with disrespect thats the shit whites have to deal with day in and day out im tierd of going to the grocery store only to see a welfare rat eating better than i do when i literally paid for there shit its absolutely disgraceful

      • I hear ya, I make over $200,000 a year and I can’t tell you how much I can’t stand seeing disgusting, pitiful, racist, white trash, drug addicts spending my hard earned money at the grocery store either. I’m smart enough to know though that bottom feeders don’t consist of just one race. By the way, I’m half African American and half Caucasian and I know plenty of Caucasian people and I can tell you right now that none of us deal with any of the bullshit your running your mouth about that you supposedly deal with on a daily basis. It’s probably because we have more class than you.

  3. I guess I’m one of the biggest racists out there – I hate everybody *equally*.

    My question is thus:

    We have Black History Month, Latino Pride, Hispanic Pride (yes, two separate things), Native Pride — none of these things are “racist”

    So why, is that if a person has “White Pride” it is racism? Other than the fact that we know live in a “Politically Correct” world where we brush our history under rugs and bury it under dust?

    In my opinion there are no Mexican Americans, Norwegian Americans, Irish Americans, German Americans, Japanese Americans, African Americans – we are ALL American. We may be of African, Irish, Norwegian, German, Japanese, etc descent. But we are ALL Americans!

    I was taught Right from Wrong. When I performed something of the Wrong, I was punished. I received corporeal punishment – I was even forced to go without ****A**** meal when the crime merited it. I’ve stood in the corner. I was forced to make restitution where it was needed. I was taught NOT to fear the police. But to respect them. But then again, I was also taught to respect my elders, our veterans, etc. I was never handed anything on a silver platter – especially when I got into trouble.

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