Sheriff Israel Pushes Gun Control While His CAIR-Deputy Arms Muslims


At the CNN townhall/hatefest last week, Broward County Sheriff Israel said:  “I don’t believe teachers should be armed. We have people in Washington, DC…telling teachers what they should do without asking teachers.”

“I don’t think teachers should be armed. I think teachers should teach,” Israel has said.

He also did a lot of virtue-signaling when the crowd raged at NRA representative Dana Loesch. The townhall was an anti-gun event.The was all following the murder of 17 people at Stoneman Douglas High.

Israel is against people defending themselves with guns and would prefer they wait for police or sheriff’s deputies like his who hide behind cement walls while people are being shot to death.

Israel is a long-time gun control advocate and a big Democrat who was part of Hillary Clinton’s leadership council in Florida. He has also been seen with Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

His Deputy Is Telling Muslims to Arm Themselves

At the same time, his deputy, Nezar Hamze, who is also the leader of the local chapter of CAIR, is teaching mosque members to arm themselves and how to respond to active shooters. He gave them a comprehensive safety plan to include members with concealed carry permits at all times.

Fusion writes that the broader message Hamze was trying to get across was that Muslim-Americans need to step out of the “victim mentality,” and start using their rights to protect themselves—including the right to defend their loved ones by force if necessary—though he underscored the fact that guns should only be used defensively.

They should start buying guns, he said.




  1. Hey Sheriff, looks like quite a few teachers in Ohio don’t agree with you about teachers being armed:Ohio Sheriff Offers Free Gun Training To 50 Teachers; Forced To Cap At 300 After Huge Response,“We put it online, we thought we’d get 20 school teachers maybe. Within 20 minutes we had 40. Within an hour we had 100. Within four hours we had 200. By the next morning, at 300, we cut it off,” Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said on “Fox & Friends.”

  2. Israel again gives himself away. The sheriff says teachers should teach, but they do not do that very well. It mirrors his operation, police are supposed to protect, but do not do that well while hiding in defensive positions.

  3. CAIR is Muslim Brotherhood. They are stealing your country in front of your eyes and these traitors on the political Left are helping them. Even the police forces have been infiltrated! Wake up, fight back or lose freedom.

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