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George TsunisPhoto credit: John H. Cornell, 1993 | A photo of George Tsunis, of Cold Spring Harbor, who was named ambassador to Norway.


Long Islander, George Tsunis, CEO of Chartwell Properties, was a Republican who switched political parties to become a major Democratic fundraiser for Obama in 2012. As is Obama’s practice, he has repaid him with a nomination as ambassador to Norway.

George is an acquaintance and supporter of another ‘Republican’ who ran for a seat in Congress in 2010 and 2012, George Demos.


George Demos for Congress

George Demos based his campaign on destroying his REPUBLICAN opponents. He took out vicious ads, not to counter the Democrat running, but to counter the Republicans running.

These faux Republicans on Long Island have been fooling the Islanders into voting for them and once they’re in, they’re anything but Republican.

Suffolk Republican chairman, John J. LaValle said, “He played his cards properly and is a well-liked guy.” When Republican Randy Altschuler was running for the same Congressional seat as George Demos, John J LaValle demonized him. Curious, isn’t it?

Tsunis switched parties to fundraise for Obama with the knowledge that Obama pays his cronies back.

However, how much of a Republican was he?

In 2010, Open Secrets said he was Solidly Democratic with 94% of his contributions going to Democrats. In 2012, he was Strongly Democratic with 89% of his contributions going to Democrats. His donations to ‘Republican’ Demos might have brought his numbers down.

The congressional election Demos vied for was won by the Democrat and incumbent crony, Tim Bishop, who is under investigation in a pay-for-play scheme.


Tim Bishop, Obama’s rubber stamp

A congressional ethics committe report found on Wednesday that there is ‘substantial reason’ to believe Rep. Tim Bishop violated the law when he allegedly sought a donation from a Sagaponack constituent he was helping to obtain fireworks permits.

The report added an additional charge against Bishop for misreporting the date and source of the donation of  $5,000 so he could accept more than the legal limit.

Bishop claims the charges were politically motivated and he is innocent. He even had the gall to say the report proves he was a victim of political targeting.

Nothing will happen to him because the committee has to make the final determination and they protect their own before ethics.

A businessman I know was given some help of a similar kind by Bishop – nothing untoward – and Bishop’s aides called him and told him that in return he was expected to buy two costly tickets to a Bishop fundraiser. When the man said he couldn’t afford it, the aides, who called him several times before he relented, told him it would cost a lot more if Bishop hadn’t helped him.

Newsday LI article on George Tsunis



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