Shocked, I Tell You! Bernie Says Single Payer Requires Tax Increases


Government-run Single Payer will require tax increases, Bernie admits (see clip below). What he is not admitting is how bad it will be, especially as more grifters and frauds get involved.

In the decades Bernie has been in office, he has not sponsored one substantial bill.

Bernie has said he will give free healthcare to people here illegally. That would certainly make the trip to the United States worthwhile for all illegals.

The healthcare bill currently in the House — on a shelf — is one he supports. It’s insane and provides free pharmaceuticals, vision, dental, doctors, hospitals, long-term care services with no out-of-pocket expenses, and so on. It outlaws private insurance.

Do people realize it will take half the pay of people earning decent money to pay for everyone else?

It also eliminates all CONSCIENCE PROTECTIONS!


Who in the world wants to give up this much freedom for freebies that will most assuredly ruin our healthcare system.

Doctors can’t afford the salaries the government will give them after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for the education and a decade getting the degrees. They would be better off in finance.

The focus on palliative care and lowering costs by reducing “aggressive” end-of-life treatment is also on the radar. Shortening life and calling it dying with dignity is in the works.

Rationing would be in our future, and our lives and those of our loved ones would be in the hands of big government. Keep in mind that all the Democrat candidates are supporting this lunacy. You want to know why we support Trump? This is one big reason why.

Get real folks! This is not doable!

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