Shocker! CNN Discovers a New ISIS Threat Most of Us Knew About a Year Ago

Libyan refugees
Libyan refugees

Who would have guessed this? Certainly not CNN, the Hillary Clinton station. ISIS terrorists are slipping in with refugees as smugglers bring them into Europe. For most of us, this is old news but for CNN it’s a “new threat.”

Free Beacon reported:

CNN Senior International Correspondent Nick Paton Walsh traveled with the Libyan Immigration Police near Tripoli and went into a warehouse that was being used by refugees until police raided it.

“But there is a new threat here, smugglers and police telling us that ISIS have hidden fighters among other groups of migrants bound for Europe. This trade in human souls is awful enough until you think that perhaps ISIS are using this passage of human life into Europe to try and infiltrate the continent with sleeper cells,” Walsh said. “Police tell us off-camera they’ve caught different, other migrants with ISIS links and a top Libyan intelligence officials warns us, the threat is real.”

“ISIS can be among the illegal immigrants on the boats,” said Ismail al-Shukri, a police commander. “They travel with their families, without weapons as normal illegal immigrants. They will wear American dress and have English language papers so they cause no suspicion.”

Who woulda thunk it? We could never have guessed they’d sneak in through Libya only several hundred miles from Europe. Libya is the country Hillary destroyed.

They are also coming in from Turkey and elsewhere. Erdogan does nothing about it.

In February of this year we wrote about it and again on November 2015 and in May 2015 and February 2015. Also here and here, here, here, and, oh well, you get the idea.

CNN is really sharp!


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