Shocker! White Supremacist Kidnapping of Black Youth Was a Hoax


Mother, Michelle Lee

Teen Zavion Parker, 13 years old, said he was robbed and kidnapped after getting off his school bus last month. The kidnappers told him they did it because he is black. He described the adult and four young men who grabbed him as white supremacists.

Zavion claimed to have been pulled into a red truck taken to a home and beaten.

Michelle Lee, the teen’s mother, told Eyewitness News her son managed to escape the gun-wielding kidnappers.

“The reason why they got him was because they said he was black. ‘You deserve to die.’ Exactly his words,” Lee told ABC13 in May. “Saying the dad had, like, a white muscle shirt on, and you could see it, was right here big as day. ‘I hate black people.'”

The mother said she received texts from the kidnappers.

“I’m going to kill him,” someone wrote to Lee, in text messages shared with Newsweek. The person claimed they were “not a kid” and admitted to kidnapping Zavion. Lee said the messages have been given to Houston Police.

The suspects who allegedly kidnapped Zavion told the boy they had abducted him “because you’re black,” Ms. Lee told Newsweek. The adult driver, who was described by Houston Police to KTRK as a heavily built white man with straight orange hair, has a racial tattoo on his arm.

Zavion told authorities that the man had “I hate black people” tattooed on his arm. Lee said she believes the kidnapping was a hate crime. “They targeted him because he’s black,” Lee told Newsweek.

His mother claimed he saw the bodies of three other little boys in the room.

The mother held a “Justice for Zavion” rally, her son suddenly got amnesia, community activists were up in arms, and Zavion needed counselors because he was traumatized.

Traumatized boy?

The only problem is it was all a lie, a hoax, and no one is being charged.

The Houston Police Department conducted a thorough investigation and found it was not true and the property where he was allegedly held was not the site of any crime. The truck he described belonged to an innocent man.

Houston police said Monday that evidence shows the incident, as described, didn’t occur, and there’s no reason to believe that white supremacists are abducting children in the area. Officers met with the family and community leaders to explain why they came to this conclusion, police said.

Mom had no comment.

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