Shocking Attack In Chicago Park Caught On Video


It was a vicious attack and it was all caught on video. There was no gun involved. Ironically, it was a Taste of Park Ridge event in the local park.

Three Chicago teens viciously attacked a 48-year old man who, while looking for his son in a Chicago park, tried to find out who threw a lit firecracker near him.

Gonzalez and Piazza

Gonzalez and Piazza

A crowd gathered and began to verbally abuse him when Jordan Gonzalez, 18, Mac Piazza, 18, and a 16-year-old boy pushed the man to the ground and began beating, punching him and kicking him. The loud and raucous crowd cheered the teens on.

The man suffered a concussion among other injuries.

A teen stepped in to stop the attack. Police are looking for him to thank him. Only one person stepped in but at least one did.

Gonzalez is on probation from a prior conviction. All three are in Cook county jail.


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