Shocking Audio From the Border


If you want to know what is really going on at the border, the audio linked in this article should give you a clear picture.

The audio below, first posted on the “Secure Border Intel” website, is of monitored Border Patrol, Department of Public Safety, and other law enforcement radio traffic of support aircraft at “ground zero” in the Rio Grande where we see the surge of unaccompanied alien children, as well as a huge increase in family groups and alleged family groups, criminal aliens and drug smugglers.

It proves there is a dangerous invasion on our southern border.

Illegal Invasion

The smuggling and enforcement traffic you will hear in the 15-minute audio compilation takes place in a 24-hour period on the first day of monitoring at one listening post on the Rio Grande.

Contrary to what Mr. Obama has been saying, the incidents involve pursuit of groups attempting to evade apprehension. They are not of people walking up to Border Patrol asking for help.

Individuals were pursued by Border Patrol as far as 19 miles north of the border.

Texas Department of Public Safety officers are filling in for Border Patrol who have been pulled to baby sit unaccompanied alien children. Governor Perry is going to send the National Guard to the border, at great expense to Texas ($12 million a month). One has to wonder if Eric Holder will sue Texas for doing the job they are supposed to do.

Josh Earnest said today that the only solution is passing immigration reform – amnesty. That will do absolutely nothing to stop this manufactured Obama crisis.

The area where the audio was recorded relies on surveillance aircraft with thermal cameras. There is no visual line of sight in the brush and thickets on the north side of the Rio Grande.

Listen to the entire 15 minutes so you can get a clear idea of what is going on at the border. It should strike the fear of God in you. Forget the children. Of course we have to treat the children with care, but we are not treating the children with care. We are maintaining them in “squalor” as Governor Perry said today. By the way, some of the “children” are obviously older than what they say they are.

Definitely, listen to the last minute-and-half in the audio.


Remember, that audio is from only one 24-hour period at only one location.

President Obama knows this is happening. He knows criminals and Other Than Mexicans are pouring into our country and he has done nothing. In fact, he’s encouraged it.

Contrary to what the leftists want you to believe, none of this has to do with the race of the invaders, but it does have everything to do with being invaded by Other Than Mexicans who are from nations that sponsor terror, as well as gang members, and drug/people smugglers. Any mention of race is meant to distract and silence opposition.

We must be free to have this conversation without the influence of straw men if we are to save our Republic.


Corrections made after publication: The audio is a 15-minute audio compilation of the first 24-hours of air surveillance and is not the first 15 minutes of surveillance as originally stated.

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