Shocking Conspiracy to Stop Trump’s Wall Backed by Republicans


On Thursday, President Trump said the job of President is harder than he thought it would be. He said he’s kind of all alone. Indeed he is, the new hard-left Democrat Party will not allow a Republican to succeed – any Republican. Many in the Republican Party establishment won’t let Trump succeed either.

For example, one of the Democrat senators recently said he’s been reassured by Republicans he trusts that the border wall will never be built.

There does appear to be a conspiracy in Congress working against Trump with – surprisingly – Ted Cruz turning out to be one of Trump’s best allies.

Laura Ingraham exposed the conspiracy on ‘Hannity’ two nights ago.

Appearing on Fox’s Hannity show, Ingraham is said that “Establishment Republican leaders are laughing at Trump’s wall behind his back. They have a secret plan to stop the wall from behind built.”

When asked to explain her bombshell claim, Ingraham continued:

“One thing I know for sure, Sean, is that we have way too many people on Capitol Hill who are not on the president’s side of this. I’m talking Republicans.

It’s not surprising. Congress’s approval rating is at 20% but that isn’t their concern, they aren’t representing the country, they are representing their constituents and a number of them are in liberal states like New Jersey. They only care about getting re-elected.

“Border wall and fences are part of an overall plan. There will never be a 2,200-mile wall built, period,” Lindsey Graham told reporters in March. He was joined by other Republicans when he said it.

That doesn’t mean Donald Trump won’t build it but he needs the money from Congress. Ted Cruz has come up with the El Chapo Act which would take funds seized from the cartel leader to pay for the wall. No Republican has jumped on that.

Recently, Schumer said it has to be put off to 2018 (when they believe they will take back the Senate), adding Republicans won’t support it either.

Falsely claiming that everyone agrees the wall isn’t the best way to protect us, he said he needs to get Mexico to pay for it. Since when do walls not work? Isn’t that one we see behind him?

Trump is determined and he will get it done.

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