Shocking Details of Rashida Tlaib’s Many Terrorist Friends


Rashida’s terrorist friends

Rep. Rashida Tlaib has a lot of terrorist friends and she is an anti-Semite. We have written about it extensively here but citizen journalist AG Conservative has a great summary on Twitter which we will recreate here in summary form.

Tlaib has effectively turned the tables after her latest anti-Semitic efforts brought a lot of anger from the right. She is blaming the right-wing, claiming they’re Islamophobes, and, most remarkably, the Democrats and the media are siding with Tlaib.

Despite what she says, she is a clever anti-American, anti-Semitic agitator of the hard-left. She’s dangerous.


During her campaign, she advocated for a two-state solution in Israel, but now she says she wants a one-state solution which would mean the destruction of Israel. After she was elected, she covered up Israel on a map in her office with a post-it note that said ‘Palestine’.

Tlaib won’t say if she supports the Palestinian Authority which pays terrorists and their families to kill Israelis.

When Former CNN Contributor and leftist Marc Lamont Hill got in trouble for using the Hamas slogan “Free Palestine From The River to the Sea” and advocated for terrorism against Israelis, Tlaib posted a petition defending him.

Tlaib publicly endorsed the anti-Semitic BDS movement. She has not supported a boycott for any other country, including the Palestinian territories being led by pro-terrorist governments.

Tlaib celebrated her inauguration to Congress with far-left activist and Women’s March co-founder Linda Sarsour, who was already facing her own controversy for an extensive history of anti-Semitic statements and associations.

Tlaib is associated with an antisemitic pro-terrorist activist Jinan Deena (Deena was a speaker at CAIR’s reception for Tlaib).

In January, Tlaib sent a blatantly anti-Semitic tweet using the classic dual loyalty accusation to attack supporters of a bi-partisan anti-BDS bill in Congress. Even the ADL was forced to call her out for this.

Tlaib invited a blatantly anti-Semitic Hezbollah and Hamas supporter to a private family dinner in January celebrating her ascent to Congress. That has led to condemnation from Republican AND Dem Jewish groups.


All of this has received little or no coverage from the media. Then when she advocated for a one-state solution during a radio show, claiming that thinking of the Holocaust gave her a “calming feeling” since Palestinians provided a “safe haven” for the victims. It was a historical lie. The Palestinians joined with the Nazis. She even had the gall to say her ancestors and other Palestinians, after giving shelter to victims, lost their homes and their passports.

The media backed her up and so did the congressional Democrats, using it as an opportunity to bash Republicans who stood up for Jews.

Then AG Conservative posted this next video from a group called Israel Advocacy. What they have reported checks out.

She has hardcore terrorist friends, a lot of them.

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