Feds Order Compelled Speech on HUD Rule to Socially Engineer Every Neighborhood in the US


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Barack Obama and the rest of the Democrat-Socialists want to tell us how to live. The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) ‘Rule’ takes away zoning laws in every locale in the nation. The Federal government is nationalizing zoning and demanding that Section 8 housing be pushed into wealthy and middle class neighborhoods.

HUD is mapping every neighborhood to make it happen and plans to take away all funding for the locales that don’t cooperate.

The case we cite here is in Westchester, New York and it is considered Ground Zero. A “Federal Monitor” has just asked a judge in the case to silence the Westchester County Executive and order compelled speech on the issue.

HUD can force HUD grant recipients to:
• reverse voters decisions,
• alter zoning laws and land use regulations, and
• join a region against the community’s will

It’s a very dangerous power grab and intrusion on personal property rights. The government is well beyond affordable housing.

The test case is the wealthy suburb of Westchester County, just outside of New York City. The Democrats who were in power made a deal with HUD to build 750 Section 8 aka ‘affordable housing’ units, 650 of which would be in municipalities with less than 3% African-American and less than 7% Hispanic population.

The County officials at the time also agreed to advertise its affordable housing units to people living outside the County. The government is into social engineering and wants to be sure their preferred groups moved into these tony neighborhoods.

The same thing is going on in Long Island. The Democrats plan to fill these units up with Democrat voters.

That’s when the County’s very liberal residents voted in Republican Conservative Rob Astorino as the County Executive. He has fought the building of the units because of his opposition to the AFFH and regionalism.

Rob Astorino outside Hillary's home in Westchester.
Rob Astorino outside Hillary’s home in Westchester.

In July of last year, the Executive went to Hillary Clinton’s home in Chappaqua, Westchester and asked to see her about the issue and whether she thought Westchester was discriminatory.

The Federal monitor of the Westchester settlement, one James Johnson, is trying to silence Astorino. He filed a report on March 17 in federal court, claiming that Astorino is spreading lies about the housing settlement, HUD, and him.

What he calls false information is Astorino disagreeing with them. They even oppose his “tone” and “attitude”.

Johnson as Monitor wants “the removal of press releases inconsistent with the declaration and findings” written by the Federal Monitor. He also demanded the hiring of a PR consultant to “craft a message and implement a strategy sufficiently robust to provide information broadly to the public that describes the benefits” of what HUD says it is trying to accomplish.

Not only are they trying to silence him, they are demanding he say what they want him to say.

The Center for Individual Rights (CIR) filed an amicus (friend of the court) brief opposing the infringement of Astorino’s rights.

CIR wrote that “the federal courts should not act as political truth squads or censors of officeholders’ political utterances.”

The court under Judge Cote refused to accept the brief, saying they have nothing to add. Of course that’s absurd.

It is a danger sign that Judge Cote has little interest in a blatantly unconstitutional attack on Astorino’s free speech and in hearing any opposition. Cote, a Bill Clinton appointee, has already ruled against Westchester County in a prior related case. Cote denied the CIR motion the same day it was filed.

There is the following update:

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