Shocking Grand Jury Subpoena by Mueller Fishing Expedition Team


The following information comes via Jonathan Swan of Axios and it’s unbelievable really. Robert Mueller and his left-wing team will be able to understand every aspect of how the Trump campaign functioned and won from start to finish. This is just in time for the next election. The left will have the goods on the Trump team, one way or the other.

Axios has reviewed a Grand Jury subpoena that Robert Mueller’s team sent to a witness last month.

What Mueller is asking for:

Mueller is subpoenaing all communications — meaning emails, texts, handwritten notes, etc. — that this witness sent and received regarding the following people:

  1. Carter Page
  2. Corey Lewandowski
  3. Donald J. Trump
  4. Hope Hicks
  5. Keith Schiller
  6. Michael Cohen
  7. Paul Manafort
  8. Rick Gates
  9. Roger Stone
  10. Steve Bannon

The subpoena asks for all communications from November 1, 2015, to the present. Notably, Trump announced his campaign for president five months earlier — on June 16, 2015.

This needs to be shut down.

There is no reason for an investigation.

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