Shocking Info from Gov Abbott & Raids Are Planned in Ten Major Cities


Governor Greg Abbott of Texas is sending 1,000 National Guard troops to the Texas border in addition to the 500 public safety officers they’ve already sent. He has a great reason. In only three weeks, on his border alone, border patrol caught 45,000 people from all over the world. They hail from 52 countries to be perfectly accurate.

How long do you think the United States can withstand this and pay for all these dependents who mostly don’t give a hoot about our values? They likely don’t even know what our values are.

Congress is an absolute disgrace. The traitors in Congress should be put on trial. This is an invasion and they won’t do a thing to stop it.

Our country will be destroyed if something isn’t done about the open borders.


Be prepared for hysteria when the mass deportation of 2,000 illegal families with DEPORTATION ORDERS are rounded up and sent home, beginning Sunday.

They do not belong here and they were ordered to leave by judges.

WaPo reported there will be predawn raids in 10 major U.S. cities. Acting DHS secretary Kevin McAleenan wants a narrower targeted operation. He’s worried about arresting migrants [illegal aliens] in their homes and work sites, risking the separation of children where the children are at day care.

Let’s consider the fact that they have been ordered out and their not listening. It is on them.

We are getting more than 100,000 a month that we know about and 2,000 is nothing.

Trump seems intent on going forward with the operation and has tweeted about it.

WaPo says the White House has been in direct communication with acting ICE director Mark Morgan and other ICE officials, circumventing McAleenan, three officials said. That may or may not be true — it is WaPo after all.


As far as Texas, or any border state, a lot get away. There are more than a 100,000 a month coming in that we know about. In fact, just this year, 100,000 they apprehended went missing in the interior.

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