“Shocking” Intelligence Memo Tied to the Dossier


Rep. Ron DeSantis confirmed that the much talked about classified memo deals with the Obama administration using the Clinton-funded dossier used to spy on the Trump campaign.

The representative told the Fox & Friend’s hosts that Rod Rosenstein fought “tooth and nail” to keep the intelligence in the Memo from seeing the light of day.

He added that, as he read The Memo, he thought of the Peter Strzok “Insurance Policy”, which he believes is the Mueller investigation.

Sharyl Attkisson, writing for the hill, pondered the question of What happens when federal agencies accused of possible wrongdoing also control the alleged evidence against them? She writes:

First, there’s the alleged improper use of politically funded opposition research to justify secret warrants to spy on U.S. citizens for political purposes.

Second, if corruption is ultimately identified at high levels in our intel agencies, it would necessitate a re-examination of every case and issue the officials touched over the past decade — or two — under administrations of both parties.

The FBI which stonewalls on every request Congress makes is demanding to look at the Memo. It’s very ironic.

They know what’s in the Memo, they already got a summary from Congress reviewing the files they reviewed. That happened at the same time the Senate Judiciary recommended charges against Christopher Steele.

As Senator Grassley said two days ago, he said, “It sure looks like a bureaucratic game of hide the ball, rather than a genuine concern about national security.”

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