Shocking IRS Abuse, the Case You Haven’t Heard About



Photo of the IRS Targeting Facility in DC

The IRS is probably targeting individuals, not just groups, and it might be coming from both sides of the political spectrum. When Christine O’Donnell ran in the Primary against Michael Castle for Joe Biden’s old Senate seat, she said she was told by a prominent political figure that if she went up against Castle, an establishment Republican, the IRS and others would “F with her head.”

After she won the primary, she was subjected to scrutiny and abuse by the IRS which should appall all citizens.

Earlier this year, a Treasury agent, a Mr. Martel, notified Ms. O’Donnell that her personal federal tax information may have been compromised in 2010.

On March 9, 2010, the day her press release about her candidacy came out, a lien was placed on a house she once owned. It was publicized as if she still owned the house.

The lien had nothing to do with her but the tale dogged her throughout the campaign. The IRS eventually said it was a computer glitch and withdrew it.

Karl Rove used the lien information against her.

For the past three years, she, her family and her friends have been subjected to audits. She had to pay $1100 to the federal government while her family and friends were cleared. The house lien is still on her record and she is trying to have it removed.

For six months, she has tried to get more information. She is very concerned about the issue of IRS abuse.

She has been told there is a resolution in the matter and they will give her no further information. The agent who called her, Mr. Martel, does not have IRS’ permission to speak about the case with the Washington Times, who had the exclusive interview with Ms. O’Donnell.

Mr. Martel, in a meeting with Ms. O’Donnell earlier this year, gave her the name and showed her a photo of the man who looked at her records without cause. It is a man who tried to friend her on Facebook. That is all she knows.

Senator Grassley has tried to get answers and has failed. He did however discover a backdoor system by which any IRS investigator can access an individual’s tax records. Grassley has been told that four politicians or political donors have had their personal tax records improperly accessed through that system since 2006. One was a clear violation of federal law.

DOJ Holder will NOT prosecute! That should tell everyone something!

I can’t wait until the IRS has my medical information, how about you?

Elijah Cummings said during today’s IRS investigative hearings that he wants to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal and fix the problem but no one wants to end the IRS. Sorry, Elijah but that is the only thing that would fix this.

The IRS is a bastion of corruption and an endless source of information for people to use against opponents. There is no controlling it. It needs to be done away with.

Full story at the Washington Times


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