Shocking New Book Exposes Comey’s & Mueller’s Crony Socialist Scheme


Seamus Bruner, Government Accountability Institute (GAI) researcher and author of Compromised: How Money and Politics Drive FBI Corruption, reports in his book that former FBI Directors James Comey and Robert Mueller leveraged their government positions to enrich themselves.

He joined Peter Schweizer, GAI president, and Breitbart News senior editor-at-large, for a Wednesday interview with Sean Hannity.

James Comey made at least $36 million between 2005 to 2009 with 160,000 Lockheed Martin stock options awarded to him. His good friend Robert Mueller was the director and likely signed off on Lockheed Martin contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars during this time.

Mueller also benefitted when their roles were reversed. Bruner and Schweizer called it crony capitalism but it’s actually corny socialism. The ‘crony’ is ‘crony capitalism’ is socialism.


“This is a familiar story about the revolving door; turning public service into self-service,” said Bruner.

“We followed the money. We followed it to the top, and we found that these choir boys or boy scouts as the media likes to depict them, James Comey and Robert Mueller, they’re really no better than anyone else in the swamp. They use their public service, their contacts and they cash in through the revolving door,” he continued.

Bruner described Lockheed Martin as the country’s largest national defense and security contractor hired James Comey in 2005 to the dual position of general counsel and senior vice president as unusual. Comey was 44 at the time and without requisite corporate experience.

Shouldn’t this at least be investigated?

You have to watch this video.


‘Dirty Cop’ Jim Comey Has a Long History with the Clintons

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