Shocking: The Power Brokers Behind #BlackLivesMatter


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The power brokers driving the hate group #BlackLivesMatter are socialists and communists. It’s not only funded by socialists like George Soros, but communists and former domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers and Eric Mann are heavily involved in it. Listen to Ayer’s own words in an audio clip below. We now have a new supporter –

We also have the Democratic Party promoting it.

Black Lives Matter marched alongside The Revolutionary Communist Party (Rev.Com) the Saturday before last. That was the march Quentin Tarantino made famous by calling cops murderers.


We had better start paying serious attention to this. This is dangerous and it is a threat to our way of life. is giving $2.35 million to leftist community organizations fighting for so-called racial justice. The technology giant is taking a public stand and they are starting in San Francisco.

Oakland’s Ella Baker Center is receiving two grants of $500,000. The first will support Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, a fellow with the center who is working with the ACLU on a police violence reporting app. Many believe the ACLU is a communist front group working to take down traditional America.

The second will go to the center’s Restore Oakland program to train the formerly incarcerated and low-wage workers to earn higher wages in Oakland’s burgeoning “foodie” and restaurant industry.

The second is a type of affirmative action program which you can read about at USA Today.

One of the co-founders of #BlackLivesMatter, the renamed and debunked, Hands Up, Don’t Shoot movement, was mentored by Eric Mann.

Co-founder Patrisse Cullors learned “revolutionary community organizing” under the mentorship of Eric Mann, a Students for a Democratic Society radical who helped organize the 1968 protests at Columbia that received widespread national coverage. Mann laid out the plan for the group in an article, What’s Really on Trial in George Zimmerman’s Case?, on his site BlackAgendaReport before the group was formed.

Mann was the leader of the militant Weatherman faction Students for a Democratic Society. He was wanted for conspiracy to commit murder, assault, threatening and promoting anarchy but got away with it as did most of the crew, including Bill Ayers.

Now we support them with taxpayer dollars. Google supports them and so does the Democratic Party.

Three militant feminists co-founded the organization: Parisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, an open borders leftist, and Opel Tometi.

Opel Tometi is the Executive Director of BAJI, the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, according to her biography on the group’s website.

Communist Bill Ayers, retired professor and domestic terrorist, friend to Barack Obama, was on Liberation Radio discussing Black Lives Matter. He is very involved and rallied with them in front of CME in Chicago last week.

In an interview with Yale Daily News, Ayers said he likes to think that Barack Obama’s “association with me got him elected.”

He added:

“I think labels are weak and lazy, and they don’t capture the complexity of what it means to be a First Amendment fundamentalist that is also a socialist, anarchist and communist,” he said. “But I am all of those things.”

“If you were to insist on labeling me, when it comes to economics, I’m a socialist. When it comes to government, I’m a bit of an anarchist. When it comes to [the] First Amendment I’m a fundamentalist.”

He was interviewed on Liberation Radio by host Shawn Garcia. Liberation Radio is the station for socialism and liberation and their goal is to build socialism in the United States, according to them.

Ayers, who lives in 1964, said Black Lives Matter is “one of the most hopeful signs in the last several decades of folks coming together and building a movement for fundamental change.”

He described the movement as a revolutionary socialist movement.

“There is no single issue or single struggle that amounts to the social upheaval we need,” Ayers explained. “What we need is a social movement that engages and mobilizes masses of people, and frankly Black Lives Matter is at this moment a pretty good beginning example of that.”

He warned against allowing it to be co-opted and demeaned FBI Director Jim Comey as a reactionary for talking about how police officers are afraid to do their jobs. There is no sympathy coming from communists like Bill Ayers.

“It’s never a single or a simple issue,” Ayers said.

“So what we have to do is connect militarized police and the militarized occupation of some communities,” Ayers said conspiratorially, expanding the revolutionary methodology.

“We have to link that with the fact there are no jobs in those communities, that the mental health facilities in Chicago have all been closed in those communities, the hospitals have been stripped of their resources in those communities, and 50 public schools in Chicago were closed,” he continued.

That is exactly how they’ve ruined poor black communities for these last 60 years. Meanwhile, Ayers and his terrorist wife live in a Brownstone mansion on the tony side of town. The lack of resources and jobs is because of the leftists running these black ghettos into the ground but the communists and socialists are convincing the poor blacks that the problem is not enough leftism.

This is scary stuff. Three clips from the show can be heard below.


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