Shocking Reason FBI Can’t Investigate Muslims


store owner

Not only were there several warnings directly made to the FBI about Omar Mateen but there was a recent warning from a gun store owner who rejected a sale of body armor and bulk ammunition to Mateen and who called the FBI.

Nothing happened.

The reason nothing happened is partly due to the lack of staff at the FBI – they need people – but another major reason is the rules of engagement they must follow and which were passed down by the White House. They can’t really investigate Muslims. Normal investigative practices are being denied when Muslims are involved.

When the Orlando attack took place, Obama went off on LGBT rights, hate crimes, gun violence, and ignored the cause. He won’t increase staffing at the FBI and he won’t give the FBI reasonable rules to follow so they can do their job. He’ll take guns from law-abiding citizens instead.

As Megyn Kelly corrected later in her show, the gun store owner did contact the FBI, not simply the police, and he did so several weeks before the horrific slaughter. Nothing happened other than one phone call back and whatever they did on their end.

Former FBI assistant director in charge and counter terrorism advisor to the Governor of New York following 9/11 Ed Kallstrom spoke with Kelly on her show last night.

Kallstrom said “get this wet blanket of political correctness off the backs of law enforcement, of the FBI.”

The rules of engagement does not allow the Bureau to do anything to do with Muslims. Orders from the White House prevents them from doing any work around Mosques or suspicious Muslims.

When the attorney general of the US says she going to prosecute people for saying certain things, it sends the message that the agents have to be careful instead of getting into the investigation of Muslims.

The FBI agents, in addition to not having adequate funds, are being sent the message that they need to back off any Muslim investigation.

When Mateen was reported to the FBI for making terrorist comments at work, Mateen said he was only responding to Islamophobic comments. His Facebook page is filled with declarations of allegiance to ISIS> This is the state of affairs while we are importing unvetted Muslim refugees, have open borders, and are at war with global jihad.



  1. This BS is going to stop when Trump is President. If not, then the Islsmification of this once great nation will increase until We The People finally decide that we have had enough.

    • I really wish Trump not only had a chance to win but actually wanted to win. He is running so that Hillary has a lot better chance at the white house. these politics are such bullshit and the american voter let obama have 4 additional years to work this shit out. those that voted for him are directly responsible for all the shit thats happening based on obamas non actions.

    • Well the rest of the issue is that our inside officials who run our country do not want us to offend anyone with a different color or religion than ours. So they are telling the rest of the world it is ok to be anti white or anti Christian because we are governed so bad be can’t do anything but take it and grin

  2. If the statements are true, then either now, or when Trump is in, a through investigation of Obamas actions and if necessary at the end of it, a court case and imprisonment, because if this is true, one can say that by lack of action, or preventing certain actions, Obama has allowed these terrorist acts to happen.

  3. When we have a “Commander in chief” of these united states, that was built the principles of Christianity states on national television that if the political winds shift, he will stand with the Muslims I think enough said!

  4. When we have a “Commander in Chief” of these united States, that states on national television that if the political winds were to shift he would stand with the Muslims, enough said!

  5. The allegation that the FBI can’t really investigate Muslims requires proof, not mere assertion. None is offered here. It is a rather bizarre claim so it certainly requires some evidence before simply being accepted.

    • The former AD Jim Kallstrom got his information from other agents. Words like “jihad,” “radical Islam”, and “sharia” have been removed from the manuals – that’s fact. The rules of engagement are fact. The Obama administration’s refusal to call the problem what it is can be characterized as bizarre. There are several articles on this site about Obama announcing Mosques are not to be investigated, there are articles about police reports being purged, and on and on.

  6. Obama made our Country weak! Now we
    know why! It’s time to take care of Business . Impeachment right Now.
    Get Trump on Board to get our Country
    Back. Since 911 , ” He said ISIL is Contained” but that is a Big Lie! Now
    ISIL is Stromger because of Obama.
    United States in Now a Weak country
    Taking our 2nd Amemdment so that
    ISIL & the Terrorist can take AMERICA !
    Get off about Talked its time to take
    Action. President Trump for President
    of the United States

  7. Waw sad America . If those who are sleeping don’t wake up fast enough you want have America ! So what is the use sending solders to other countries if you can’t keep your own country safe?

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