The Shocking Reason Why Nevada Ranchers Can’t Graze Their Cattle



The end of the Nevada ranch thanks to environmental extremists.

In a March 25th release put out by the dangerous and extremely far-left Center for Biological Diversity, the desert tortoise is cited as the reason Mr. Bundy’s cattle was seized. According to them, “Tortoises suffer while BLM [Bureau of Land Management] allows trespass cattle to eat for free in Nevada desert.” This release preceded the roundup and could be seen as the impetus.

desert tortoise

Desert Tortoise

Since the Big Government works hand-in-hand with the extremists in these environmental groups, it is also possible that a memo exists from BLM to the Center for Biological Diversity asking them to release this memo.

The extreme environmentalists, for propaganda’s sake, originally put out that they were doing it for the Wild Mustangs [that don’t need any help since they are flourishing]. The horses are more sympathy-provoking than a tortoise.

The federal government is supposed to cull the herds of the Wild Mustangs since they double in size every five years. The government has refused to abide by that deal.

Ranchers need hundreds of acres to graze cattle. Since the federal government  has taken over 81% of the land in Nevada, ranchers can’t graze cattle easily and must use federal land. In the case of Bundy, he didn’t want to pay the fee for licenses which he says require him to pay for something that is his inherent right, handed down to him by his ancestors. This brings up the question of whether Americans can inherit land rights.

Realistically, the federal government probably would not have given him the licenses. With the licenses come impossible regulations. The Hage family of Nevada has a grazing license to the north of the Bundy ranch and even one barb missing from a barbed fence can cause the federal government to dispel their wrath on the family.

If you haven’t heard about the Hage family, listen:

The tortoises aren’t suffering and “protecting” them was an extreme reaction by the government in response to extreme environmentalists. Tortoises can eat cacti, wildflowers, herbs that cattle don’t ear as well as “recycled nutrients” left by cows.

The release by the Biodiversity extremists says this:  “Despite repeated U.S. District Court of Nevada rulings that the federal Bureau of Land Management has the right and duty to remove cattle trespassing in southeastern Nevada’s Gold Butte area to protect desert tortoises and other imperiled species, cattle are once again grazing in the area this spring, according to BLM surveys.”

“This situation is simply outrageous”, said Rob Mrowka, a senior scientist with the Center for Biological Diversity. “It’s high time for the BLM to do its job and give the tortoises and the Gold Butte area the protection they need and are legally entitled to. As the tortoises emerge from their winter sleep, they are finding their much needed food consumed by cattle.”

The unreasonableness of preserving most of the West for alleged “protected” and “endangered” species that don’t need it is a ruse. Most of these cases are settled with the sue and settle scams uncovered by Sen. Vitters and done with the full compliance of the Big Government. Animals are put on the protected or endangered list not for the sake of the animal, but for the sake of an ideology.

Animals, in the minds of the extremists, have too large a carbon footprint.

Don’t forget, this is a government that hopes to regulate cow flatulence as part of the climate agenda. They are clamping down on the dairy industry, and all agriculture to oil and gas operations, despite the fact that methane emissions fell by 11% over the last two decades.

These people in control are very extreme and they won’t stop until we tell them they must. We won’t tell them until we recognize just how extreme and dangerous they are.

I knew one of the violent ELF people. He burned down new homes here on Long Island. He’s now an active member of the Sierra Club. He’s not the only one who morphed into once-legitimate environmental organizations that are drastically changing our way of life. They believe people should have control over less of nature than the animals or they are overly concerned about a science that says man can control the weather.

When Cliven Bundy’s daughter Bailey said this, she was absolutely correct: “Wake up America. Look what our ancestors fought for and we need to stand up for that. We need to realize what’s happening. They are taking everything away from us. This isn’t only about one family. This is about everyone’s family. This is martial law and it’s in America and so what are you going to do to have it stay out of America?”

The ranchers aren’t extremists, the environmentalists are.

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