Shocking Report: Dems Will Hurt Military for 3.6 Million, not 700K, Illegal Aliens


A House bill temporarily funding the federal government will not pass the Senate because Chuck Schumer is pretty sure the Republicans will be blamed for the shutdown, just as Republicans were blamed when Obama shut down the government. It takes 60 votes in the Senate to pass the spending bill. Republicans can’t do it without Democrats. Democrats are shutting down the government and they are doing it for illegal aliens and the ultimate goal of making the USA a one-party nations.

Secretary Mattis said the government shutdown will stop intel operations around the world. Democrats don’t give a damn. They want power – total power.

The military will be greatly harmed because the Democrats are supporting illegal aliens. Defense can’t work like this under the sword of month-by-month spending bills.

The Secretary presented the first defense strategy in ten years. He said we are not competitive with China or Russia.

The Democrats are demanding a clean DACA bill. It gives them their permanent Progressive electoral majority in the near future.

Democrats demand amnesty with nothing in exchange. DACA has nothing to do with funding the government and especially our military.

Lindsey Graham will likely vote against the bill because he’s actually a Democrat. Rand Paul likely will because it’s more spending and absolutely no one is talking about cutting spending.

In any case, the bill needs 60 votes and they need Democrats to pass it.

Most news reports estimate that the DACA program shields 700,000 to 800,000 illegal immigrants who came to the USA as children. But according to a group called the Migration Policy Institute, there may actually be as many as 3.6-million illegals who were brought to the United States when they were minors.  Some Democrats are demanding legal status not only for the DACA beneficiaries, but for all 3.6-million immigrants who came to the USA with their parents.

Each of them will eventually bring in many via chain migration. One terrorist immigrant recently brought in 23.

Then there are the alleged 11 million others.

Daily Caller secured a memo this past week by Soros’s Center for American Progress which emphasized the importance of passing DACA legislation.  As the memo phrased it, it’s a “critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success.”

New reports show that there are far more than 700,000 DREAMERS but even without that, DREAMer legislation will turn 4, possibly 5 red states Democrat Progressive.

The Democrats will have fulfilled the Soros dream of a Progressive electoral majority. That is the goal of the Democrats led by George Soros. Their plan is to also advance a permanent Progressive majority in every level of government – to take over all levels of government.

Let’s not forget that Democrats will then demand citizenship for the less sympathetic illegals, which they claim numbers 11 million. It’s more like 30 to 40 million. It can’t be 11 million for decades – not possible guys!

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5 years ago

From what Graham was saying on Fox he evidently agrees with Schumer. He, too, will not vote for the CR Because it doesn’t include DACA. According to Mulvaney this morning there isn’t even DACA legislation, only a summary. Unfortunately, the woman on Fox didn’t bother to press him on any of the issues. Graham really tried to claim he was following through on Trump’s particulars. He took Trump’s remark of “bill of love” as a signal to write it with his own agenda. Of course he wants to lay it out as a “concern” for the military. Give me a break. Whether Graham wants to admit it or not he IS holding the nation hostage because he REQUIRES a vote INCLUDING illegals. His taking this course is because he “believes” he can mold Trump into His thinking, “because” Trump mentioned “love”.