Shocking Report: Yale Professors Say There Are Nearly 23 Million Illegal Aliens in the US


A working paper by Dr. Mohammad Fazel Zarandi from the Yale School of Management, coauthored by two other Yale professors, estimates that there are 22.8 million illegal immigrants in the United States.

For decades, we have been told there are 11 million as if that were even possible – the number never changes year after year? In fact, the 22.8 million is likely conservative.

At least 80% will be Democrat voters, if they aren’t voting already.

The abstract explains how they came up with that number.

Democrats would like us to give all the people here illegally amnesty. Even a small portion of this number is a game changer politically. It only took amnesty for an original 1.5 million to transform the red state of California to a socialist hellhole. Read more at National Economics Editorial.

With chain migration, that means those 23 million get to pick millions more just like themselves which is not diverse. It doesn’t count all the anchor babies and who they bring in via chain migration.


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