Shocking Unclassified Report: 7 of 8 Mexican Cartels Operate in Texas, Terrorism Spreading Due to Porous Border


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The Houston Chronicle posted a stunning 68-page internal assessment report on the effects of border control in Texas, but what is of greatest concern is the danger that currently exists because our borders are not secured. “Seven of the eight major Mexican cartels operate throughout Texas and are responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime,” according to the report.

Once they are in Texas, they can easily travel to any other state and they do.

When the surge of illegals coming across the border last summer demanded a response, then-Gov. Perry redeployed state police and Texas National Guard troops to the border. It has cost $100 million so far.

This is a job the federal government is supposed to do but refuses to do.

Since the operation has been implemented, gang members in the operation area have dropped by 38 percent, pursuits in Hidalgo and Starr counties have dipped by 29 percent and documented human stash homes have plummeted by two-thirds. It’s decreased local crime.

Border crossings are increasing because of the porous borders and certain of the U.S. policies.

In 2011, 112,426 illegal aliens were apprehended in Texas, it increased to 166,449 in 2012, 242,669 in 2013 and 313,100 in FY2014. Only 17% were unaccompanied alien children.

The added support at the border since this past summer has led to the seizure of $1.87 billion worth of drugs.

If the federal government did their job, they could decrease crime, not only in the border states but wherever these criminal aliens wind up.

What is really most important about this report is that the Texas-Mexico “border is not secure”, “crime is becoming increasingly transitory, transnational, organized, discreet, terrorism has become more disaggregated.”

It’s the state’s “most significant vulnerability”.

It is all directly attributable to the porous U.S. – Mexican border, the report states. The aliens are committing every imaginable crime.

Deported illegal aliens exploit the border to commit additional crimes. The porous border is a dependable means of supplying MS-13 gang members (illegal alien gang). As one of many examples given, two school-age children were recently killed by MS-13, the report said, one murder was ordered from El Salvador.

A rundown in the screenshot:

Border Report

Gangs are “widespread” throughout the entire state. There is great concern over the increasing growth of the MS-13 gang in particular.

Almost all illegal aliens made use of alien smuggling operations.

Drug cartels “control” or “benefit” from “nearly all human smuggling” along the border.

Hundreds of illegal aliens have died entering or transiting border states from exposure, train and motor-vehicle-related deaths, drownings, and so on. Unaccompanied children are at grave risk.

“Illegal aliens from terrorist countries continue to be smuggled into the country regularly and there is no way to know how many get in undetected.” Terrorists from around the world can and are exploiting the border. This isn’t just a problem for the state, it’s a problem for the nation.

Screenshots of some examples of terrorists apprehended at the border.

example of terrorists

more terrorists stopped


One example of cartel violence in the report struck me – as an aside. A U.S. attorney in Southlake was killed by three Mexican nationals. This U.S. attorney was a former attorney for a leader of the Gulf cartel.

Why is a former drug cartel lawyer allowed to become a U.S. attorney? [Correction: instead of saying U.S. Attorney, I should have said an attorney in the U.S. or in Texas (see screen shot below)]

attorney for cartel

In July 2014, according to the report, the numbers of illegal aliens crossing over increased because they believed they could come without being deported. There were so many that the drug cartels didn’t know what to do with them.


Border Surge Report