Shocking! VA’s Gov Northam Proposes Sweeping Gun Control Laws


Virginia Democratic Governor, Ralph Northam sent out an email outlining the broad new gun restrictions he intends to impose on law-abiding citizens, although they are similar to other failed gun laws.

“We lose too many Virginians each year to senseless gun violence, and it is time we take meaningful steps to protect the health and safety of our citizens,” said Governor Northam. “I look forward to opening a dialogue with the General Assembly on this legislative package of reasonable gun violence reforms, which appropriately balances Second Amendment Rights with public safety.”


The governor calls his proposed gun laws ‘reasonable.’

Some of the proposals include banning semiautomatic firearms, prohibiting private-party transactions, instituting so-called “Red Flag” laws allowing the removal of guns without due process, and imposing fines on gun owners who do not report a lost or stolen firearm fast enough to suit him.

The child access prevention bill increases the penalty for leaving a loaded, unsecured firearm around a child and raises the age of a child in existing law from 14 to 18.

Other lawmakers want to ban the sale, purchase, possession, and transport of assault firearms in the Commonwealth.

The bill also modifies the definition of an assault firearm. It’s now any firearm that has a magazine holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition.


Northam is opposed to the Second Amendment and brags about his ‘F’ rating from the NRA.

The leftist governor is a member of gun control groups. His running mate, Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, has also called for the CONFISCATION of semiautomatic firearms from law-abiding citizens.

Carrying Northam’s legislation are a number of committed anti-gun Democrats, including delegates Rip Sullivan (D-McLean), Kathleen Murphy (D-McLean), Jeff Bourne (D-Richmond), Cliff Hayes (D-Chesapeake), and Kathy Tran (D-Springfield), as well as senators Louise Lucas (D-Portsmouth) and Adam Ebbin (D-Alexandria).

Virginia will soon mirror California and New York whose gun legislation has failed to protect citizens.

One of Northam’s proposals, also floated by Democrat Dan Helmer, called for “SKU-level reporting” of every box of ammunition sold to a government-run database, which investigators would comb through to try and identify mass shooters.

Virginia pro-gun groups will mount a challenge.


Virginians knew what they were getting when they voted for him. Unfortunately, a lot of liberals, leftists, and government workers live in Virginia, and they are taking the state down.

Northam is as far-left as Bernie Sanders, and he was supported by the flim-flam Bernie. He is Bernie’s candidate.

He’s pro-universal healthcare, supports tearing down statues, promotes stringent gun control, and very, very liberal abortion laws. He lied about his opponent to win.

He says healthcare is a right and believes gun control is a health issue. When it comes to taxes, he loves them, and he likes to spend. His good friends are big labor bosses.

The far-far-left candidate put out race-baiting ads during the campaign, portraying Trump and Northam’s gubernatorial opponent Ed Gillespie and their supporters as rednecks who kill minority children.

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Jim B
Jim B
3 years ago

They should check out Idaho’s gun laws. Idaho has a lower murder rate than neighboring British Columbia. The laws in Idaho must work. Let’s see, you can carry a gun open or concealed without a permit. In fact Idaho has some of the most liberal gun control laws in the country yet they have little gun violence. Why? Well look closely. I’ll give you a hint. Demographics. Not very PC but true.

Fred Muldoon
Fred Muldoon
3 years ago

impeach mother**ker Northam

millard fillmore
millard fillmore
3 years ago

The bad thing about Northam is that nobody can understand what he’s saying,He’s a mealy-mouthed lunatic that makes Pelosi sound like an orator.You have to read the speech later to know what sort of drivel he’s proposing.We don’t just need a sign language interpreter for his speeches,we need an English speaking interpreter as well.That being said,not one of his proposals will be enacted,since the current crop of legislators would like to keep their jobs.Any of these proposals would turn millions of Virginians into criminals,as the compliance rate would be even lower than for the New Jersey, Connecticut,Colorado,and New York gun grabs of recent years.Most Virginians aren’t the sheep that populate Northern Virginia these days,much to Ralph Northam’s disappointment.

Charles Johnt
Charles Johnt
3 years ago

Note that the followers of this progressive are all from the eastern half of the state; we who live along the 81 corridor (i.e. the western half) did not vote for him nor any others of his ilk. In addition, we do not support any of his initiatives to take away our Constitutional rights.

3 years ago

So right you are sir. Progressives are drunk with power. They lead mindless followers.