Shockwaves in Mexico over Trump designating cartels as terrorists


The cartels have set up shop in US parks

In an expansive interview with Bill O’Reilly on his radio show Tuesday, President Donald Trump told the former Fox News host that he was going to declare the Mexican cartels as terrorists. He is in the process of doing so.

That means we could drone them.


Something has to be done. They are invading the homeland and endanger national security. Whether this will help, it’s hard to say. We don’t want to invade Mexico or make them enemies but they must do something about these transnational organizations which include Middle Eastern terrorists.

Listen to a clip from the interview which caused quite a stir in Mexico:


Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said Wednesday he’s not open to intervention but only “cooperation” with the U.S. on fighting drug cartels, a day after President Trump made his comments, The reports.

Obviously, there are many reasons the Mexicans would be deeply concerned about such a move. That’s especially true of their cartel/transnational organization leaders.

Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard issued a statement shortly after the interview, saying “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports that it has contacted U.S. authorities to understand the meaning and scope of the remarks.”

They don’t want to end up like Iraq and we are reasonably sure the President doesn’t want them to end up like Iraq.

At a press conference on Wednesday morning, López Obrador “refused to go into detail on the potential terrorist designation, saying he would rather “send a hug to Americans” on Thanksgiving eve.”

“Just to say cooperation yes, interventionism no,” said Mexico’s president.

It is unlikely the U.S. President would intervene in their affairs militarily without Mexico’s cooperation, but the terrorist designation does give the U.S. a lot more latitude and, frankly, they are terrorists.

Former DEA Chief Derek Maltz explains they are terrorists and they are in major U.S. cities:

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