Shooting Scenes from Chicagoland, What Police Deal With Is Unbelievable


After President Trump criticized Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago mayor, who never supported police before, started talking about “police smarts”. He planned out a carefully orchestrated news conference to discuss Chicago’s “smart-policing strategy.” Rahm is notoriously unsupportive of police and blames his problems on the police, guns, and lack of funding.

Chicago is a sewer, a murder capital. From January 1st through January 26th, the Chicago Tribune reports there have been 268 shooting victims. Hey Jackass is updated, reporting 282 shootings and 48 killed. Six people were shot at a dead gangbanger’s funeral, including his mother and a pre-teen and a 16-year old.

If you want to know what it’s like for police on the streets, you can get a glimpse from these two videos making the rounds.

The first shootout was reported by Blue Lives Matter and they got it from the Chicago Tribune. Chicago PD officers were initially called to the residence of Richard Grimes just before 11:30 PM for a domestic disturbance. Officers found Grimes’s 24-year-old pregnant girlfriend with a gunshot wound to her abdomen.

After shooting his girlfriend, Richard Grimes had fled the area. After a search, Chicago PD officers finally spotted him. Then, unprovoked, he shot at officers who shot back. He was struck and later died in the hospital of severe lead poisoning.

The next is described in the video.

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