Shouldn’t we be concerned about U.S. borders? Politicians say “NO!”


Last year, Mexico, with one-third the population of the U.S., had 33,000 murders, double the number of the U.S., and that number will be higher this year.

The Mexicans captured El Chapo’s son and the Sinaloa cartel decided to go to war with Mexico over it. Mexico surrendered and freed Ovidio Guzman Lopez. This happened just south of our border.

The Sinaloa cartel is already killing Americans with opioids and, Hezbollah terrorists, in league with Mexican cartels, run criminal enterprises here in the United States. Cartels are all over America and they are in almost total control of Mexico, our neighbors. This is a war on our border and no one even acknowledges it.

Chinese organized crime, the primary dispensers of Fentanyl, and the Mexican cartels have formed an unholy alliance. They are more than happy to take our country down.

The Beltway elites push back against the President attempting to declare these cartels terrorists, while narco-terrorists are expanding throughout our country. The politicians aren’t concerned about our borders, they care about Syria’s alone.

Watch Derek Maltz, a former DEA official:

Watch the battle:

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