Sick! Did You Know Bette Midler Was Demented?


Bette Midler has little self-respect. She is out making a fool of herself by expressing her desire to see the Trump family executed.

Bette Midler recently called Melania ‘Flotits’. Why would she debase Melania and debase herself more? What’s the point of this except to be cruel? Midler has called the President a “murderer”. Now she is busy telling people of her fantasy to see President Trump and his family hanged.

Thanks to these deranged people, we are living under their reign of terror in their crazy tyrannical world. These hard-left haters only want their opinions heard and everyone else will be destroyed. They will settle for nothing less.

It’s hard to believe it has gotten this bad. It doesn’t feel like the United States with haters like this in power. And then they call us the haters — it’s called transference.



  1. This is the same Bette Midler who claimed, because she as a Jew, was so shaken up when she once went to Germany, she said she couldn’t get out of that [Nazi] Country fast enough.

    Now, because her star [not the one of David] is in the toilet, she is looking for a career boost. As a Jew, she ought to be bowing down to Trump for his commitment to Israel. Considering the disgraceful way Obama treated Israel, American Jews who are “oh, so progressive” should be totallt in Trumps Camp.

    And, Midler’s little poem, tacky and uninspired as it is, certainly seems like a threat against the President of the United States, and his family. And, could easily be considered an inducement for someone to do him/them harm.

    Secret service, ole Bette needs a visit from the boys! She needs a refresher on that Constitutional right of speech.

  2. There is a national competition to see who can be more demented. It is called piling on. We have seen before this behavioral contagion, for example in the 60s.

    Plus she needs money & attention.

  3. Always remember those who are the loudest have skeletons in their closets they rather wish to remain there.
    Projection as one commenter already mentioned is the way of feeling better about their own devious and vile acts while accusing others of what they have been doing all along.

    Being that she is part of ‘Pedowood’ and her own vile acts involving children whom she cares little about will get her comeuppance in the very near future.
    The countdown of their exposure is on and the clock is ticking moving every faster to zero hour when the sh$it is hitting the fan.
    Their love of spirit cooking and even more vile and devious behavior behind closed doors while lusting for their addictive adrenochrome will come full circle for them.

    They won’t be able to walk down the street once the people learn of their vile acts against the children they claim to care about.

    There is nothing worse and unforgivable than that of Pedowood!

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