Silencing the Right Before November


Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are censoring conservatives and Libertarians, silencing them, using various methods from shadowbanning to blocking content from users. The right is being labeled fake news so they can be silenced before November. It’s as simple as that.

Users of social media are censored in one way by marking content “sensitive”, blocking users from seeing the tweet. People can click ‘view’ on desktops to see it, but not on a smartphone.

Banning Drudge Report

The Drudge Report, which is only an aggregate of articles, is being blocked as “sensitive content”. There is nothing sensitive about them. He’s popular and that is the problem.

John Nolte of Breitbart tweeted screenshots of Drudge’s Twitter account showing the blocked tweets and said, “Look at how Twitter censors @DRUDGE. 90% of tweets are blocked.”

Devin Nunes responded that he noticed it too.

YouTube Announces It Will Debunk Conspiracy Videos

At a conference Tuesday, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki stated that the company has a plan to debunk videos which they deem to promote “conspiracy theories.”

The Associated Press reported that Wojcicki will include other “third-party sources” including Wikipedia which allows anyone to edit its content.

There is also trouble ahead for any publisher who posts content that can be deemed anti-Muslim.

Facebook has removed the pages of Britain First and its leaders, claiming the group had repeatedly “violated its community standards.” The group was a conservative group that spoke out against radical Islam.

Conservatives and Libertarians are being purged or silenced on all of social media and in the google search engine. It has been a slow purge so as to not draw too much attention to it, but it’s real.

The social media moderators, in addition to the algorithms, are acting as thought police and each social media site is using more and more of them. It includes Snopes, Washington Post, and other left-wingers. George Soros is helping to fund the moderators on Facebook.

Currently, Prager University has a lawsuit against YouTube, which is owned by Google. It’s an important lawsuit.

Others are being sued, and still others are being charged outrageous sums for using a photo under free use.

When companies become as large and powerful as these Tech giants, they shouldn’t be allowed to shut out the free speech of traditional Americans. Laws shouldn’t be twisted to silence political opponents. It is unAmerican.

Journalist Ben Swann provides some more evidence:

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