Since 2004, Democrat Platforms Called Jerusalem the Capital of Israel


President Trump will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel this afternoon at 1 pm. In response, Arabs promise to set fire to the world right after that, and the world will blame blame Donald Trump, who has the courage to fulfill his campaign promise, and they will blame Jews as Arabs commit terror attacks.

A 1995 law declares that Jerusalem should “remain an undivided city” and “be recognized as the capital of the State of Israel,” but allows the president to issue waivers every six months delaying the move of the embassy for national security reasons. The Senate reaffirmed that law in June.

The left-wing pope said he was “profoundly concerned,” and asked “that everyone respects the status quo of the city.” He called on the world for “wisdom and prudence” to avoid further conflict. Is he happy with the status quo of constant conflict with bombs lobbed into Tel Aviv almost daily?

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag said recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital would be an act of “madness” that would “plunge the region and the world into a fire with no end in sight.”

Apparently the world and Bozdag haven’t noticed we are on fire with no end in sight and it’s not the fault of the Jews, it’s coming from the radical Muslim world.

Erdogan has been laundering money for Iran — they aren’t our friends.

The Arab League has promised violence. That will be defined as the Jews and Trump’s fault, not the fault of the Arabs. Radical Arabs have a great publicity department.

Democrats will use any violence, not to condemn the violence, but to condemn President Trump and every Republican. It’s probably not all Democrats, but it’s enough.

New Jersey senator Cory Booker said both the capital and embassy issues should be “part of a larger peace process.”

California senator Dianne Feinstein wrote to Trump on Friday warning him that declaring Jerusalem the capital would “undermine any remaining hope for a two-state solution.”

If true, that would be the Arab’s fault.

Connecticut senator Richard Blumenthal told TWS Monday that he doesn’t like the timing. When will the timing be such that the Arabs won’t commit violence in response?

Democratic whip Dick Durbin said,“I hope that this does not incite violence and death,” he said. “I can’t tell you what precautions he has taken before he would make such an announcement.”

The USA has continually called Jerusalem the capital, it isn’t news. What is news is the USA finally has the courage to stand behind their words.

It must be noted here that the last four Democratic platforms called Jerusalem the capital of Israel. The difference is they didn’t mean it. It was an empty promise.

The 2016 party platform read, “While Jerusalem is a matter for final status negotiations, it should remain the capital of Israel, an undivided city accessible to people of all faiths. Israelis deserve security, recognition, and a normal life free from terror and incitement.”

Imagine what would happen with the religious Islamic zealots in charge of these holy lands, just imagine.


  1. The Arabs, who admitted in the past as not “Palestinians”, will use any event in order to cause an uprising. When Ariel Sharon ascended Har Habayit (Temple Mount) the result was an “Intifada”. If a leader would merely ascend a site and cause such an outrage what does it say of That “people”.

    It’s unfortunate that no media will give the historical context of this conflict. This current conflict is directly the result of Britain And France. With the fall of the Ottoman Empire they “decided” on territorial boundaries and which country would control which territory. At the time there was agreement between Jews and Arabs on the status of Israel. But France and Britain would have none of that because they would lose control of their designated territories. From that point on the countries bungled the situation at every turn until the two sides, Arabs and Jews, were in open warfare.

    There has been a concerted effort by Arabs to rewrite history regarding most everything in the Middle East. The following article describes the revisionist history and, most notably, pictures of the early 1900’s and the disrepair of the Dome of the Rock. If it were such a holy site would it have been in such disrepair and obviously unused.

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