Six Police Officers Murdered Since Monday, Obama Golfs in Palm Springs

Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail

Barack Obama and the Democrats light the fires but they are nowhere to be found when they go out of control.

Hillary Clinton is on the campaign trail race baiting and railing against police brutality. After the New Hampshire primary, she said,

“We still have to break through the barriers of bigotry. African American parents shouldn’t have to worry about their children being harassed, humiliated and even shot for the color of their skin,” she said.

She has said nothing about the five officers murdered in four days this week.

Obama golfs

Sanders, who is eager to grow his appeal among black Democrats, jumped on the issue. In August, when asked about the execution of a Texas police officer, Sanders called it “an outrage” but quickly pivoted to anti-black violence by cops.

“On the other hand, what we also have to understand, it is not acceptable in this country when unarmed black people get dragged out of cars or get shot,” Sanders said, although he did not specify an incident.

He hasn’t expressed concern about police since.

The silence from the White House is deafening. What we heard instead was how the president golfed in Palm Springs and Michelle Obama and her children shut down an airport in Aspen for their convenience.

“People are hunting us. How do you think that sits with us?” Case County, North Dakota, Sheriff Paul Laney said at a news conference Thursday. “But yet we wear this badge with honor and pride and we’re going to go out every day and protect our communities.”

Mesa County sheriff's Deputy Derek Geer
Mesa County sheriff’s Deputy Derek Geer

Mesa County sheriff’s Deputy Derek Geer, a 15-year veteran, was shot Monday after responding to reports of a person walking with a gun. He got into an altercation with the suspect, 17, and was shot several times, officials said.

hartford officers

Two Harford County deputies were killed in a shootout Wednesday at a Panera Bread in Abingdon, Maryland, where they had gone to detain a wanted man, David Evans. Evans shot Deputy Patrick Dailey, a 30-year veteran of the force, in the head, and then exchanged gunfire with Deputy Mark Logsdon, a 16-year veteran, authorities said.

Fargo Officer Jason Moszer
Fargo Officer Jason Moszer

Fargo Officer Jason Moszer, 33, a six-year police veteran, died Thursday after getting shot while responding to a domestic dispute. He was the first Fargo officer to die in the line of duty in more than a century, The Associated Press said.

Officer Greg Barney
Officer Greg Barney

Officer Greg Barney was shot Thursday at an apartment complex in Riverdale, according to NBC affiliate WXIA. Authorities said Barney was serving a “no-knock” warrant — which enables law enforcement to enter a residence without prior notification — when the suspect ran out the back door and opened fire, striking the 25-year department veteran.

Sgt. Jason Goodding of Seaside, Oregon
Sgt. Jason Goodding of Seaside, Oregon

A sixth officer Sgt. Jason Goodding of Seaside, Oregon, was killed on Friday, Feb. 7 while serving a warrant. He was reportedly trying to arrest a criminal in front of downtown restaurant when the suspect pulled out a gun and shot him.

According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, 11 officers have been killed on duty so far this year.

While that number is lower than the 13 killed at this time last year, those were in mostly traffic-related deaths. If you only count officers who were killed in firearm-related deaths, this year’s numbers are up 700 percent. Eight officers have been killed this year in gun-related deaths while this time last year that number was only one.

The National Sheriff’s Association called out the “senseless killing” of police this week, which comes “on the heels of the anti-police ‘entertainment’ at the Sunday Super Bowl halftime show – reminds us that the men and women in law enforcement take a solemn oath that includes putting their lives on the line every day to protect our citizens,” The Daily Caller reported.


Beyoncé Knowles, whose husband JayZ once worked as a drug dealer and shot his brother and stabbed a record producer as a youth, decided to set herself up as a role model for youth by glorifying the violent and criminal Black Panthers through dance during the halftime show. She also danced out an “X” for Malcolm X and honored the fraudulent hate group BlackLivesMatter.

The SuperBowl went from Patriotic fanfare at the opening to anti-police hate during the halftime show. That’s so representative of our sick, mixed up culture.

When eleven officers are murdered by criminals, we get crickets from Obama but when Beyoncé does her hate dance against the very police who provided her escort to the stadium, we have a preliminary interview with the First couple in which First Lady Michelle tells everyone she’s all in on the halftime show.

From the moment Obama told the nation that the Cambridge police were “acting stupidly”, our president has set an anti-police tone in this country. We see bricks and bottles thrown at police in Ferguson, Baltimore, St. Louis, Cleveland, stores burned down, and the criminals are described as “misguided youth”. A Baltimore mayor says they need some space and they’re basically blowing off steam.

Disrespect for authority in one area will always be generalized to all authority figures. If they can shoot and kill our police, we will be fair game.

It’s not even that our current leaders don’t care about the officers or that they don’t care about the problems in these communities. It’s that they care about demonizing the very people who would sacrifice their lives to save their spoiled butts.


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