Six Questions Elizabeth Warren Won’t Answer



Senator Elizabeth Warren is incapable of answering a question. Why would anyone bother to interview her? If they ask her whether she is a Native-American, she’ll answer that – not truthfully – but she will say she is a Native-American.

She probably won’t answers questions because if Hillary is indicted, she will be recruited and she’s playing it safe.

Here are the questions she wouldn’t answer in one brief interview.

She won’t say if she will support Merrick Garland.

She wouldn’t answer the question on Biden’s comments in 1992.

She won’t answer whether or not she’s endorsing Hillary. The answer to that is obvious – she likes the socialist Bernie (which is what she is).

She wouldn’t answer whether or not Hillary should release her Wall Street speeches.

Warren refuses to say if Hillary has moved to the left to become a Warren Democrat. That’s another easy one – she was always on the left of the left.


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