SJW Prof Trashes ‘Whiteness’, Belittles Oppressive ‘White Privileged’ Students


An assistant professor at the University of Iowa who pledged to expose her students to “their own white ignorance” in a “peer-reviewed academic journal” was stunned that there are those who aren’t thrilled with her insane efforts to deconstruct the whiteness of students and make them feel inferior.

Professor Jodi Linley first set about on her mission to battle whiteness in the classroom when she became a professor in 2014 and decided to “develop courses that both unveiled and rejected” the idea that “neutrality and objectivity are realistic and attainable.”

Though white herself, her goal is to make her “mostly white” graduate students keenly aware of their “white privilege” and use her classroom to “deconstruct whiteness.”

If she did otherwise, she explained, it would make her “complicit” in perpetrating white supremacy.

“For white students,” she wrote, “talking about race with an all-white group of peers … [reveals] their own white ignorance.”

That’s the goal: to oppress whites.

“As a white assistant professor of mostly white graduate students who will become higher education leaders, I work to dismantle whiteness in my curriculum, assignments and pedagogy,” Linley explained, noting that in addition to her “white identity,” she also draws on her “identities as a queer, able-bodied, cisgender woman” with a working-class background to construct her “teaching paradigm.”

She segregates students in class by race. For white students, talking about race with an all-white group of peers facilitates their realization that they are raced beings, thus revealing their own white ignorance,” Linley asserted as justification for segregating students during some discussions.

Crazy Marxist SJWs like Linley want to rid the world of “hegemonic racism, sexism, classism, ableism, cisgenderism and heterosexism.”

Of course Linley and her ilk are out of their minds and it’s even crazier that the university approves.

She has her defenders like this strange person.

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