SJWs Force Campus Police Chief on Leave for ‘Liking’ 3 Tweets

Chief Hect

A highly experienced campus police officer and former Air Force veteran was hired as the campus police chief for Smith College and Mt. Holyoke. A month later he was put on administrative leave for liking three conservative tweets.

Posters bearing the chief’s photo were splashed around campus warning, “This is Smith’s new chief of police, is our community safe?”

Students — SJWs — at Mount Holyoke looked up his Twitter page when he was hired and found three tweets he ‘liked’ that offended them.

The nasty kids claimed the tweets were almost exclusively in response to President Trump’s tweets and included anti-immigrant, pro-gun rights and racist sentiments.

In one tweet Hect liked, Twitter user pjwolf01 wrote, “Stay the course Pres. Trump,” and in another, Twitter user Lonewold2347 wrote, “BUILD THAT WALL!!” He also liked a tweet from the National Rifle Association that said, “The National Rifle Association wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas!”

That last one is offensive? In fact, none of them are. Those are opinions, but these students labeled them racist, anti-immigrant, and pro-gun. It is not racist or anti-immigrant to want borders. As far as guns are concerned, it’s one of our Amendments in our sacred Bill of Rights.

The Mount Holyoke student body rose up against the chief. A forum was held on March 21 and Hect attended. He also met with the Student Government Association.

Hect wrote to the student body that he is “committed to dedicating [him]self and the entire campus police force to being a positive influence on campus safety.”

Then he planned to attend a “restorative justice circle.”

The students decided they were too disturbed by his presence on campus. Their “anger” and “frustration” center on the tweets.

The weak-kneed University President put Hect on leave and claimed it wasn’t over the tweets.

Chief Hect has a great Supreme Court case. These SJWs need to learn the difference between legal and illegal immigrants and what is actually racism.



  1. Our throat cutting enemies tremble in fear of snowflakes and hashtags. No really. Don’t laugh, pajama boy is fierce! Forward!

  2. You are kidding me, right? I hope this Police Chief sues the Colleges and the President AND THE STUDENTS INDIVIDUALLY, (not backed by insurance for their deeds) for a billion dollars. Absolutely SICKENING WHAT IS HAPPENING AT OUR SO -CALLED “COLLEGES”………………….

  3. This kind of bs needs to stop. Time for some court cases to remind the snowflakes, students and administrators, who is actually paying the bills at these instituitions of “higher learning”. Seeing as how the administration in these places have no cojones to deal with the nutjob students, perhaps they should be fired or suspended untill they get the message.
    Parents need to quit paying the expenses for their little darlings to learn how to be spoiled brats, and the donors need to cut off their funds.
    I’d like to see a bunch of these indoctrination centers shut down, and the profs be forced to actually do a days work. Might change their attitudes a bit.

  4. How is this different than what the Communists did in Russia back in the day? We embraced the freedom in the this country to say, believe, worship and behave in accordance with our beliefs. I am baffled at what people are embracing as good policy now.

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