SJWs Think it’s OK to Viciously Bully a 13-Year Old Pro-Life Child


Fascist Americans now think it’s okay to shout down a 13-year old child standing up for the unborn. The young girl, Addison Woosley is courageous and they are bullies. They could learn from the child.

The young anti-abortion activist, was jeered incessantly during a speech after about 02:13 on the Facebook clip in which she called on the city to ban abortion and be a “sanctuary city for the unborn,” according to the Raleigh News & Observer.

“Abortion should be illegal because it’s murder,” she began. “The definition of murder is the killing of one human being by another.”

“On ultrasounds, the baby tries to run away from the disturbing instruments that try to kill the baby,” she said.

“The baby’s mouth opens wide in a scream when being killed. These babies are alive. They feel being killed. It hurts them and there is nothing they can do about it. There is no way around it. Abortion is murder.”

This resulted in jeers from the morally righteous anti-life people. They screamed things like “You’re a baby!” and “Oh, please, getting a child to do this is wrong!”

We love the latter comment since the left does this all the time. What’s good for them is not good for the other side???

“Are you choosing to be like the plantation worker flogging the little black child?” Woosley said. “Or are you going to protest even if it cost your life like Martin Luther King, Jr.?”

“Do not speak for black people!” one woman ranted repeatedly. “Go save your own! You don’t speak for black people!”

“Done! Done!” another yelled as Woosley sat down. “Inappropriate!”

Lunatic leftist

A police officer intervened with one lunatic leftist.

The only children in the audience were the so-called leftist adults.

As we have said, the country is getting meaner and most of the cruelty comes from the hard-left who want to silence all with whom they disagree.



  1. The girl presented *facts*, science is on her side, ultrasound videos educate, and Dr. Ben Carson would back her up.

    Dr. Carson was the former director of pediatric neurosurgery at the John Hopkins Children’s Center and is current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. He operated on babies that were 25, 26, 27, 28 weeks gestation.

    Dr. Carson said, ” I can guarantee you, they can feel, they can react … you have to give them anesthesia, if you’re going to cut them ….”

    • Unfortunately this is going to increase rather than decrease. When someone says ” let’s keep abortion safe and legal” they are not referring to the baby.

  2. Well of course the pro-death types in the audience tried to shout down a 13 year old girl. She was demonstrating to her peers that it’s possible and sensible to think for oneself, to differ with the “authorities” who’ve propagandized them, and to draw logical inferences from objective information. the entirety of the “public” school system is set up to batter the independence of mind out of our kids. John Dewey said so explicitly, and who would be a more reliable “authority” than he, the father of contemporary “education?”

  3. Of course the Bolshevik rats would pick on a girl. You’ll never see them picking on a big burly trucker or a veteran.

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