Slate Examines Zimmerman Case Rationally, Can We All Go Home Now?


Bunker-600-w-logo-2 Branco cartoon via net right daily of an imprisoned, not guilty Zimmerman

I am no fan of Slate Magazine but when they do something right, it’s worth noting. Slate Magazine’s William Saletan wrote an unbiased piece about the Zimmerman-Martin case.

Posted on Monday, the article titled, “You Are Not Trayvon Martin” wasn’t about picking a side, it was a search for truth.  Saletan’s well-executed research changed his own mind about the case.

The intro to his article states:

His death wasn’t about race, guns, or your pet issue. It was about misjudgment and overreaction—exactly what we’re doing now to the verdict.

Saletan planned to write a very different article until he sat down to do it and decided he didn’t know enough about the facts in the case. He began his research by listening to the 7 hours of closing arguments that went over the testimony piece-by-piece and he went on from there.

His conclusion: “It turned out I had been wrong about many things. The initial portrait of Zimmerman as a racist wasn’t just exaggerated. It was completely unsubstantiated.”

Saletan sees Zimmerman as a “reckless fool” but not the racist murderer he was portrayed to be. He doesn’t see Martin as the sweet-tempered child either.

Nor does he see Zimmerman as a stalker:

And the notion that Zimmerman hunted down Martin to accost him made no sense. Zimmerman knew the police were on the way. They arrived only a minute or so after the gunshot. The fight happened in a public area surrounded by townhouses at close range. It was hardly the place or time to start shooting.

Saletan ends with:

“Don’t paint the world in black and white. Don’t declare the whole justice system racist, or blame every gun death on guns, or confuse acquittal with vindication. And the next time you see somebody who looks like a punk or a pervert, hold your fire.”

Begrudgingly, I admit, it sounds like good advice to me.


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