Sleazy Attorney v. Esteemed Professor


Sleazy attorney

Lifelong Democrat Dr. Robert Epstein, who appears to have outed Google for swinging millions of voters toward Hillary, has been a longtime Hillary supporter. He voted for her, but he is no fan now.

On August 20th, he tweeted, @HillaryClinton, whom I have strongly supported for many years, told blatant lies about me today. As a result, I have been subjected to widespread condemnation by mainstream media. I’m going to fight this. Stay tuned tomorrow for my first-ever twitter storm.

She claimed his work was “debunked,” something she has done before with opponents. It’s not true and Epstein engaged in an 18-tweet storm on Tuesday debunking her and google. They both look much worse now. It was a big mistake on her part.

He wants her to look for the truth, but that’s just silly. She won’t.

A few of the 18 tweets can give you enough information on how real Dr. Epstein’s work appears to be. Google tried to swing the election in 2016, possibly did so in 2018, and is more powerful as 2020 approaches.

Dr. Epstein fears totalitarianism for good reason.

Definitely read this:

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